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Currently in Washington DC— March 17th 2022

Currently Washington DC
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The weather, currently.
Periodic shower chances early, temps between high-40s to high-50s°F
Periodic shower chances early, temps between high-40s to high-50s°F
There’s something better than gold
you get for getting through Thursday
slow going upper level low pressure
weather giving chance— in showers
within the dance of sun rays on rain
for keeping on through cloudy grays
slipping and shimmering off slickers
rainbow beams bounce and drip on
greener planters and parks, Spring
drops in fits and starts until it shifts
but with luck for all, and the basics:
sun, water, wind— renewable gates
like under rainbows under rainbows
follow any many greener way to go
— through the way we better hold,
there’s something better than gold.
What you need to know, currently.
BNO News
WATCH: Shaking, power outages, and flashes in the sky as 2 strong earthquakes hit central Japan
A major 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Japan, leaving 2 million people without power and triggering a tsunami warning. This quake comes a little over 11 years after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Fukushima region in 2011. 
While tsunami warnings are still in place and aftershocks are expected for the next several days, tsunami waves are likely to only reach a few feet in height. For reference, the 2011 tsunami reached a max of 130 feet.
Early footage and reports of the quake show major shaking and outages as well as a train derailment. Japan, fortunately, has some of the best infrastructure in the world in terms of mitigating the effects of earthquakes.
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Currently Washington DC
Currently Washington DC @currently

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