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Currently — October 4th, 2021

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The weather, currently.
The first hurricane-strength storm in recorded history to enter the Gulf of Oman and make landfall has done so this weekend.
Cyclone Shaheen has caused landslides, storm surge flooding, and a mass evacuation in coastal Oman, according to a report from Al Jazeera. A two-day public holiday was declared over the weekend to help with storm preparations and encourage people to stay home.
According to meteorologist Bob Henson, Cyclone Shaheen could produce rains of up to 20 inches (500 mm). Northern Oman’s average *annual* rainfall is just 4 inches (125 mm), so Shaheen has a chance to produce five years worth of rainfall in just a few days.
Warmer waters are making torrential rainstorms storms like this increasingly likely near the Arabian peninsula. — Eric Holthaus
فهد الجهني
@SergeZaka @ASophie_MM The situation is now on the coast of Oman with the continued heavy rains
What you need to know, currently.
Resist Line 3
After nearly 8 years of fierce resistance, we learned that Line 3 will become operational this weekend.

This fight is not over, only shifted, so it's a good time for a refresher: what is Line 3, why should it be stopped, and how can you help? A thread 🧵 (1/9)

Oil began flowing through the Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota this weekend. After years of Indigenous-led resistance to the project, hundreds of arrests of protestors, and calls from climate activists to halt the project— the pipeline is operational. Despite the Biden administration’s promises of climate action the use of this pipeline locks in years of increased fossil fuel use. 
This is a huge and painful blow, but the fight is not yet over. Even while the pipeline is functional, water protectors continue to fight Line 3 in court and on the frontlines. I urge you to read this letter that Indigenous water protector, Tara Houska, wrote from jail after being arrested and brutalized by police while protesting Line 3. — Abbie Veitch
tara houska ᔖᐳᐌᑴ
“Indigenous peoples hold 80% of earth’s biodiversity[.]

We are fighting for what remains, everywhere. The earth is a relative, not a resource. My ancestors fought back, or I would not exist. I owe the next generation the same. We all do.”
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