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Currently — December 9th, 2021

Currently founder, Eric Holthaus interviewed Arvind Ravikumar — a professor at The Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas-Austin, for The Phoenix.They discuss a just transition and what the Biden administratio…


Currently — December 8th, 2021

You may have heard about the blizzard that impacted Hawaii’s Big Island summits this past weekend. While that snowfall was fairly routine for the Island— this week a “Kona Low” has continued to pound parts of the island— creating dangerous conditions. A “Kona…


Currently — December 7th, 2021

USA Today released a data investigation that breaks down just how many people and places are being affected by extreme precipitation in the U.S. The investigation is part of a project called Downpour, which visualizes the way climate change has shifted precip…


Currently — December 3rd, 2021

If you're a resident of the DC area, you know how intense rainstorms have become over the past few years — and how destructive they can be. Our sponsor, Umpire Mitigation, is offering *free* premium memberships to Currently for local DC-area residents — no st…


Currently — December 2nd, 2021

December marks the beginning of meteorological winter— although you may want to hold off on pulling out the sleds and snow boots. We may be seeing a very fall-like winter at least for these first few weeks across the US. Record highs and temps, 10-40 degrees …


Currently — December 1st, 2021

Take a deep breath, active Atlantic hurricane season is over! Today NOAA released a finalized summary of the 2021 season. This year produced 21 named storms in total— including four major storms. According to NOAA, this is the third most active year on record…


Currently — November 30th, 2021

Tomorrow marks the end of meteorological fall— all over the globe cities are breaking weather records.Denver, CO broke the record for their longest streak without snow. This is also the latest “first snow” on record for the city. (A first snow is defined by m…


Currently — November 24th, 2021

This year, the ice sheet in Greenland once again lost more ice than it gained. This is a continuation of a 25 year trend. Despite Greenland experiencing an upswing in snowfall this year, the intense periods of melting show how unstable the system is, occurrin…


Currently — November 23rd, 2021

Texas is once again at risk of major power grid outages this winter. According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, it would take a storm less severe than the one that left millions without electricity last February to rock the grid again. According …


Currently — November 22nd, 2021

Last Monday major storms and floods slammed British Columbia. A week later, thousands of evacuees remain unsure when or if they will be able to return home. Four deaths have been reported. There is no timeline set to repair major highways and bridges that was…


Currently — November 19th, 2021

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, an eerie astronomical sight will appear in the sky. A partial lunar eclipse will be visible to star-gazers across a large portion of the planet including North America, South America, and most of Europe.The eclipse will c…


Currently — November 18th, 2021

A large storm produced rainfall, hail and a tornado in Sicily today and yesterday, resulting in at least one death and two injuries. This comes less than a month after the Sicily was slammed by a “Medicane”, (or a hurricane-like storm that is smaller and quic…


Currently — November 17th, 2021

A rare November wildfire has ignited near Estes Park (the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park) in Colorado. This time of year residents are usually gearing up for snow storms rather than evacuating from wildfires, but this is the reality of living through…


Currently — November 16th, 2021

An atmospheric river slammed the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia yesterday as dangerous winds and rains caused flooding and power outages across the region. (An atmospheric river refers to a long narrow band of very moist air that produces excessive am…


Currently — November 15th, 2021

Record warm temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean helped to spur several rare November tornadoes in the Northeast U.S. this weekend. In Connecticut and Long Island, NY there is no record of a November tornado ever before. These storms come after a particularly a…


Currently — November 11th, 2021

According to meteorologists, climate change fueled intense rainfall and extreme weathering are becoming the norm in northern China. Historic levels of rain were recorded this past year across Shanxi an interview with The Guardian, Professor Faith …


Currently — November 10th, 2021

A new study uses a high-resolution climate model to predict more extreme weather events in the future. They are able to analyze future rainfall events— and the results are nerve-racking. The UK Met Office used its 2.2 km resolution UK Climate Projection model…


Currently — November 9th, 2021

The United Arab Emirates just set a record for its hottest day recorded in November hitting 103°F (39°C)— 11° F (6°C) above average for this time of year. While the region is known for heat this year has been particularly sweltering in the Middle East, as wel…


Currently — November 8th, 2021

It's time to admit it, even if it hurts: The COP process — the official international system of negotiations led by the United Nations to combat climate change — is broken.After an entire generation of effort, major failures in Kyoto (in the 1990s), Copenhage…


Currently — November 5th, 2021

2021 was Europe’s hottest summer on record. Average temperatures were about 1C above normal, leading to heatwaves, fires, and other disasters. According to scientists, this kind of heat is an almost impossible occurrence without the influence of climate chang…