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Culture Clap Monthly Revue #2

Canin Carlos
Canin Carlos
Ok honestly, fuck it — I’m layin’ it all out … I met with a client last week, and she just wants women to have better orgasms … I’m staying a hostel, and this dude just came out of his room, led by a woman … I’m workin’ in the common area for remote workers … “English teacher, good morning, how are you ?!” he exclaims … and she had her head down … the way it hurt my soul to see.
I’m distracted by this … I recently met an incredibly beautiful woman visiting Puerto Resistencia down here in Cali, Colombia. The way that we’ve failed ourselves by failing anyone who isn’t cis-hetero-male … it wrecks me inside.
The remainder of this update will be written quickly, lots of positive stuff, ergo I can feel comfortable being brisk … Weekly updates are provided at what is now just

Introducing ...
Yup, the switch into web3 has been initiated; it’s the best mechanism for managing communal ownership and economics. There are three ways to invest, Patreon/Ghost (monthly) supporters, GFM and a forthcoming DAO entry mechanism.
I’m not willing to use Ethereum, anymore than I already have, as it is too environmentally costly. The use was obtain a .eth namespace; that is all.
Instead I’ll be using Solana; yesterday a course began which will enable me to create a dApp through which folks can mint their own Solana NFTs. There will be an immediate utility for these NFTs, in collaboration with idioke Daily. While others may serve as DAO keycards, etc.
idioke Daily
idioke Daily got started, and we’ve had engagement.
To set the scene, approximately 20 people are receiving the program for free, 5 have listened to the last message according to read-receipts, while about the same number of folks have replied with their attempts at tongue-twisters. Though all with enthusiasm, and different folks than responded in the last rounds.
I’ve also heard that the price is right, which means there’s room to add additional levels for more 1-on-1 time. The next step is to get Telegram working with the business number and introducing the product to communities such as IndieHacker and ColombiaDev.
Rebel Coding Email Course
Unlike idioke, the November session of Rebel Coding has run into a few bumps, I even started a day late :/ …
I’m totally not mad at myself – three days of emails have yet to be reviewed; though wonderful and incredible fixes have been made already.
The course gets better with every pass over the material.
I’ve also decided to only livestream in the mornings; kinder on myself.
Fundraising Updates
YO! A $10,000 contribution has come through !!! It’s been offered outside of the GFM – saving on fees; so the goal has been adjusted accordingly.
I’ve built a few other mechanism to start reaching out to folks on Twitter, which is where I am going to continue to focus my networking efforts.
OMG, the Latino Rebels series is about to pop off and I’m truly excited. We recently visited a location of note down here; my friend will be driving the project and I have so much trust in her and her vision. It truly is a blessing.
Every level of the work is an opportunity for folks to learn, practice and improve their English as well; which is such a valuable skill for them.
Alright, I’m out for November ~ thank you so much for reading!
If you’d like to support the work Patreon has a $1+ subscription level, while Ghost Clap the Culture Blog has a $3 monthly / $30 yearly subscription price, (there’s also a free tier).
Oh yea, and I’ve connected with Mhuysca here in Colombia; shit is legit, as I said to someone else; the UN recognizes us, and they recognize me … game on.
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Canin Carlos
Canin Carlos @cultureclap

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