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Canin Carlos
Canin Carlos
And here we go ~ the game’s are all set-up:
We’re nearing PMF with idioke’s lead product, idioke Daily; with a plan ready, to get PMF, for Rebel Coding’s email course!
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What a fuckin' ride !!!
I really don’t appreciate my living situation, but that’s been this way since shortly after birth; I finally got the hang of adjusting. Or at least I have my response structure, and team, in place.
What does adjusting mean?
It means being able to continue the work without breaking too much of a stride … and the work is diversifying. Due to this new found comfort I am pursuing a small writing series to document my own search for a diagnosis to my neuro-atypicality. The first piece of which is an open letter to my mother.
Also, we’re finalizing the visuals for my first music video!
I’m paying rent month to month, and so November’s plans remain in limbo … later I talk a bit about my tech, could it enable me to travel and teach !?!
The screen on my laptop broke … I got access to an external monitor … cost me a $100, and the tower came with it … anywho … how to travel and teach using a tablet and a phone … all from a motorcycle ?!
Next up, is finishing up my investigation of signal paths for finding and boosting my cell signal :) The things you can learn on the internet !!!
"Happy Pull" from the forthcoming project When Animals Attack Volume V
"Happy Pull" from the forthcoming project When Animals Attack Volume V
idioke Daily
Alright … fugg it !! I know I’ve got product market fit, I’m just not able to serve as large of an audience marketing will net.
There’s too much anxiety and stress; so the test group remains small. Though I’m incredibly excited about the program. We’re organizing all of the material for easy re-iteration.
I got the Ronco mentality, build it so that you can “Set it and …” … honestly, if you can finish that sentence, and are reading this, we should connect …
I’m also spinning out a few other products for language learners; while I’m considering putting myself, and the program, on italki as well … I’ve got the program I want to sell down !! 30 minutes of English exercise ~ and done!
It can be economical, the material is solid, and my students actually really seem to appreciate my style … quick story, this last week was my last week teaching a group from a multi-national with employees here in Colombia.
All of the students expressed genuine appreciation saying things like, “All of the classes were so well organized”, and “We really learned alot”, “Your classes were a huge benefit and help.” Then asking to make sure they had my number for future access.
I’ve heard it mentioned twice in the context of learning English, the skill goes away if you don’t practice it … and that is the problem I am seeking to solve. For intermediate to advanced learners, 30 minutes – it’s a linguistic and cognitive work-out! But then, bam, you’re done … twice or three times per week. That’s that jam!!
For beginners, there is the daily practice with individualized responses. No application can teach you a language … but they can aid and support. idioke makes sure to always retain the human element; while keeping it accessible!
Rebel Coding Email Course
Alright, that’s the new plan … the first Monday of every month I’ll kick off a review of the Rebel Coding Email Course by signing up for it myself and processing the emails live on Twitch!
Once you’ve got a product the only thing left to do is iterate it to sustainability.
I’m not entirely sure how my internet connect is going to work … though … there are a few options. Which gets me into my tech talks; right now I’m using 5MB fiber optic in a rural part of the country. Sometimes the signal drops.
I also recently purchased an unlimited data plan; that allows me 35GB of data access for connected devices. I’ve got a phone, computer and a tablet … though, yea, the computer needs the external monitor.
That’s part of the Rebel Coding ethos, doing more, or getting it done, with less. You have to know the tools to operate like this, and it’s a great way to learn the tools !!! Especially when it comes to connected to the internet of things, and how all of the devices are connected.
And so, I’ve found a subreddit on the topic!
The idea with Rebel Coding is to start off helping on-board people to the basics of coding through web-development … and once that door has been opened, provide curriculum far beyond :)
DF Updates
Additionally the series Notas de Casa will begin with a three-article collection by yours truly; published through Latino Rebels. The pieces are in reflection of Hispanic Heritage Month, which is now being called Latinx Heritage Month as well ?
Over the course of the three pieces I discuss the broken nature of Latinidad, what it might mean to “reconnect” and what it could mean to “be white”. After which, two more articles are in the queue to continue the series. Twice monthly writers living in, and from, Latin America will speak to Latinx in the North through the series.
As well, I’ve completed the outline for the Manifesting Empathy course !!! I’m so excited about this; and again the idea is to continue iterating to improve and evolve the material. The next step is to write the initial 20+ emails. It has a place and a purpose!!!
Lastly, I’ve finalized the GoFundMe as my Friends and Family Round raising the $25,000 to purchase a plot of land with a building on it. I’ve done the research on pricing the products, and have a bearing on the trajectory for each. Now it is a matter of promoting and iterating; as well as fundraising.
Cooperative ownership is an aspect of the work, and I encourage everyone to at least read the GoFundMe to get a better scope of the effort.
There is also a side pool for those interested in more formally investing $1,000+ … I know what I’m looking for, advisor/investors.
Everything is prepared for such cooperative work.
The products all have in-production apps, and/or proof of concepts built. I just need the financial stability of land stewardship to solidify myself in this work. As it is so much more than these two initial products.
Ergo, to start the work of getting the word out beyond my small circle of friends … here we go !
And that’s a wrap!
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Canin Carlos
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