By Sheehan Quirke (aka The Cultural Tutor)

Seven short lessons every Friday.

-a historical figure
-a painting
-a piece of classical music
-a tip for rhetoric
-a tip for writing
-an architectural masterpiece
-a relatable historical anecdote

Plus the question of the week, to test your critical thinking. And I'll share the best answer in the next newsletter.

And once a month I write a long-form essay, prose work, or poem on something which I haven't been able to stop thinking about. It could be philosophy, art, love, grief, or architecture. These bring a level of detail & analysis you can't get on Twitter or in a newsletter.

Whether you just want something interesting to bring up over a drink, you want to learn a bit more about history, or you're serious about becoming truly educated, Areopagus is for you.

Welcome to the journey. I'm humbled that you're here.

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