watchOS 8.4 fixes Apple Watch charging bug





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The weird bug that prevents some Series 7 Apple Watches from charging on third-party chargers has been fixed at last.
I’m looking forward to it because the problem affects my own Apple Watch, and I’m tired of waking up in the morning to find it hasn’t been charging overnight.
The fix is in the latest watchOS beta, so if you’re not a registered developer, you’ll have to wait a little while before it’s made public.
In other news:
  • M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant is back. Our reviewer calls it the “most thrillingly deranged show on Apple TV+.”
  • Intelli’s new StepUp charger can cleverly change according to needs, making it the “Transformer of 3-in-1 iPhone chargers.”
  • If your setup is giving you a pain in the neck, our post shows how to make it better.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

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One more thing ...
“When I went to Xerox PARC in 1979, I saw a very rudimentary graphical user interface. It wasn’t complete. It wasn’t quite right. But within 10 minutes, it was obvious that every computer in the world would work this way someday. And you could argue about the number of years it would take, and you could argue about who would be the winners and the losers, but I don’t think you could argue that every computer in the world wouldn’t eventually work this way.” – Steve Jobs
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