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Apple patents AirPods with Ear ID

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A recent Apple patent for AirPods that can recognize their owners is super-intriguing.
According to the patent, AirPods might one day be able to identify their wearer. They’ll do this by beaming sound into your ear canal to create a detailed virtual map of your inner ear based on the sound waves that bounce back. What?!?!?!
This unique biometric identifier could be used for privacy and security functions. For example, if someone picks up your AirPods and puts them in their ears, the system might recognize the unauthorized user and stop whatever was playing.
Or it might be used to unlock your iPhone instead of Face ID or a passcode.
If you think face masks and Face ID are cumbersome, wait until your Ear ID-equipped AirPods hit the street.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

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“The best way to think of the Web is as a direct-to-customer distribution channel, whether it’s for information or commerce. It bypasses all middlemen. And, it turns out, there are a lot of middlepersons in this society. And they generally tend to slow things down, muck things up, and make things more expensive. The elimination of them is going to be profound.” – Steve Jobs
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