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Apple busy testing folding iPhones

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I had the chance to play with my first folding phone the other day, and it was better than I thought – but worse too.
A friend had purchased the new Galaxy Z Fold3, which folds in half like an old Motorola Razr.
The screen was brighter and sharper than I was expecting, and it feels durable and long-lasting, despite the fold in the middle. I got. kick out of the folding action. It’s pretty compelling to see a fairly compact package fold out into a full-sized phone screen.
There were two things I didn’t like: the screen is plastic and has a plasticky feel; and the bulk of the phone when folded shut. The phone is already pretty thick, and it’s double thick when closed. It’ll fit in a pocket, but not like the old slimline Razr. This phone makes a bulge.
If these are the issues that Apple is facing with its prototypes, I can’t see the company releasing a folding phone any time soon: the design just isn’t there yet. But if Apple can crack these problems, a folding iPhone might be a great device.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

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nilay patel
Somewhere at Apple there's one group of engineers passionately devoted to making sure every device for 100 miles rings when you get a phone call and another group that's like "what if you just don't get iMessage notifications from your family members at all"
One more thing ...
“I started Apple when I was 20, Woz was maybe 24 or 25. We had no families, no children, no houses. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain. And we figured, even if we crash and burn and lose everything, the experience will have been 10 times the cost. There was no risk.” – Steve Jobs
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