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Vicious Shivers (Cullen Bunn's Official Newsletter), Issue 130

VICIOUS SHIVERS (Weekly newsletter of Cullen Bunn 🎃)
This is the 130th issue of Vicious Shivers, a (mostly) weekly newsletter for fans of my work. Thank you for subscribing. Please share it with others if you think they might be interested!

After a few great weeks in L.A., I’m back home, once more writing this newsletter in bed, with one chunky beagle-weenie dog sprawled across my feet and an also-chunky chi-weenie against me. Shadow, the chi-weenie, apparently claimed my spot in the bed while I was away, and he’s trying to nudge me onto the floor.
Not happening, pal!
The L.A. trip was productive and fun, something I haven’t really been involved in before, but I was lucky to have the chance. I spent this week scripting and breaking stories. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll actually be writing my specific episode of the series. Good times.
Here was the room’s celebratory cheers!
I’m glad to be home, though. Even though Cindy and Roman visited, I missed them like crazy.
Now that I’m back, I’m going to use today to recover and then I’ve got SO MANY things to focus on. Self-improvement! Comics and prose to write! New business plans to implement! 2022 has been racing by, but I’m gonna flip that in the next couple of months. 2022 is gonna have to race to keep up with me!
The Harrow County board game draws closer and closer to being something awesome you can play! Check out this unboxing video from Off The Page Games to get a hint at the gothic wonder that awaits those who play it!
Harrow County Sample Unboxing
Harrow County Sample Unboxing
I’m spending a lot of time with the game in the next few days, writing a bunch of content for the rules and supplemental material. I’m channeling my very best “Harrow County Narrator” into the work!
No Capes: a Comics Chat Show just did an episode about The Sixth Gun. It’s a lot of fun to hear Shaun Sunday and Matt Harding dig deep into the series.
No Capes! Season 3: Episode 4: The 6th Gun with Matt Harding | Comic Book Talk Show
No Capes! Season 3: Episode 4: The 6th Gun with Matt Harding | Comic Book Talk Show
Hey… Psst… Hey, you!
I know I posted about this in the last issue, but I’m posting about it again. SHOCK SHOP #1 is now available for pre-order from your local comic retailer. The possibility of a second run of the series completely hinges on how well this first run does, so please don’t sleep on this one! Pre-order away! If a fun horror flip book anthology hosted by the owner of a haunted comic shop sounds like the book for you, please order a copy and tell all your friends!
My short film SWUMPWATER closes in on 6,000 views! If you haven’t watched it, please check it out!
I came home to a ton of boxes waiting for me. Tiki mugs and books and comics and other awesomeness. So much cool stuff! But these two items might have been my favorites.
First up! I won an ear! It’s a major award! This is an ear from the the Ear Man in David Cronenberg’s CRIMES OF THE FUTURE. I won it through a contest on Neon Films’ twitter. And it’s signed by Cronenberg himself! I’m such a huge fan! I’ve never been so thrilled to win an ear!
Next up, my pal at Death by Toys sent me this amazing custom Empty Man figure! How awesome is that? You should check out the Death by Toys site for more wild, unique figures!
Two FIRST ISSUES hit the shelves this week! Check them both out, please! And let me know what you think! In addition, a new trade paperback is now out!
New comic series based on the critically acclaimed gothic gaming hit, Bloodborne!
Enter the city of Yharnam through the eyes of its citizens, when new hunters take to the streets to fight against the cruel and unusual epidemic that has gripped the city. In the black of the night, families and faith will be tested…
Shadowman. Punk Mambo. Eternal Warrior. Doctor Mirage. The supernatural protectors of the Valiant Universe unite for the very first time to stand against a terrifying ancient threat. No one is safe as Exarch Fane has his cold hands on the Book of Shadows.
When evil people escape from the depths of the eternal abyss, the Pirate Queen Lady Shih is sent to retrieve them. But when one of history’s most notorious killers breaks free, even she needs help. Enter the Heathens: Shih, Lucky Luciano, Bumpy Johnson, Sofia the Golden Hand and Billy the Kid. From Hell they came to mete out a justice as dark as their own tormented souls.
From the wonderfully wretched imaginations of AfterShock horror-alum Cullen Bunn (EDENPIECEMEALDARK ARK) and Heath Amodio (SuperCLEAN), and illustrated by superstar Sami Kivelä (UNDONE BY BLOOD), in THE HEATHENS, evil meets its match – five of them, to be exact.
Here are the events I have finalized for the coming days. Keep in mind, these days, “finalized” doesn’t mean as much as it once did. All events are subject to change.
JULY 29 - 31, 2022 - Scares That Care, Willamsburg, VA
SEPTEMBER 10, 2022 - Free State Comicon, Lawrence, KS
SEPTEMBER 24 - 25, 2022 - Memphis Comic Expo, Memphis TN
Here is a quick and dirty list of upcoming projects. In most cases, I’m only listing projects that are definitely on the schedule with a published. Oftentimes, I will not be able to share much information, but I can at least tease the future! Everything here is, of course, subject to change.
  • July - BLOODBORNE, a comic series based on the hit horror video game.
  • July - BOOK OF SHADOWS, the Valiant Universe supernatural team book.
  • August 2022 - UP TO NO GHOUL, a sequel to THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR.
  • August - PARASOMNIA: THE DREAMING GOD, a story about dreams and loss and adventure.
  • September - SHOCK SHOP, A new series that will allow me to spin many, many horror stories.
  • A LEGACY OF VIOLENCE - A horror maxi-series about a mysterious town and mysterious experiments that have played out there. 
  • THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SALEM - A one shot following Sabrina’s mischievous cat on a wild adventure.
  • A sequel to a story of robotic mischief.
  • A horror OGN where reality and surreality clash in a murderous way.
  • An action/comedy thrill-ride. unlike anything else I’ve ever written.
  • An apocalyptic horror/fantasy maxi-series.
  • A horror one-shot about loss and grief and guilt.
  • A new action/horror series I can’t tell you much about just yet.
  • A new licensed horror comic series
  • Another new licensed horror comic series
  • A horror maxi-series exploring a side of horror you might not expect
  • A horror/thriller I’m co-writing
  • A horror limited series I’m working on with one of my best friends and long-standing collaborator
So far this year, I wrote:
  • 1002 pages of comic book scripts (938 in 2021)
  • 0 feature length screenplay (1 in 2021)
  • 1 half-hour comedy pilot (0 in 2021)
  • 1 short film script (0 in 2021)
  • 6 short stories (13 in 2021)
  • 0 novellas (0 in 2021)
  • 25 new comic book series proposals (25 in 2021)
  • 0 podcast proposals (5 in 2021)
  • 1 essay (0 in 2021)
  • 1 foreword for upcoming graphic novels (0 in 2021)
  • 1 television series proposal (0 in 2021)
All work and no play makes Cullen a dull boy. Today, I’m probably going to chill in the pool with Cindy for a bit. It’s been way too long since we were just able to relax. Tomorrow, my son and I are joining a couple of friends to watch NOPE. I’m excited for the movie. I’ve kept my knowledge of it to a minimum. I’m more excited to be spending the time with my kid, but he doesn’t like it when I say things like that. I’m really trying to focus on the positive in my life right now.
If you enjoy reading about all the nonsense I’m up to, I hope you’ll consider throwing some support toward my Patreon. I post something almost every day, and all the funds earned on that platform go directly into funding more and more comic book work!
If you want to keep the conversation going throughout the week, follow me on Twitter or join my Discord server! Thanks for joining me!
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Still in the Cullen Bunn business.
Still in the Cullen Bunn business.
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