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Vicious Shivers (Cullen Bunn's Official Newsletter), Issue 128

VICIOUS SHIVERS (Weekly newsletter of Cullen Bunn 🎃)
This is the 128th issue of Vicious Shivers, a (mostly) weekly newsletter for fans of my work. Thank you for subscribing. Please share it with others if you think they might be interested!

Hello from sunny California!
As I write this, I’m wrapping up my first week in Burbank, where I’ve been working as part of a Writers Room for a TV show I can’t tell you about just yet! It’s been a fun experience so far, but absolutely exhausting! I can’t wait to tell you more about the project. I have been posting some (veiled) discussions about the experience on my Patreon, and I’ll continue to do so while I’m here.
So… there hasn’t been as much comic writing this past week, because by the time I get back to my room, I’m simply wiped out. I’ve got some errands/meetings/sightseeing to do today, but when I get back to my room, I’m getting to work on some comics!
Even though I’m away from home, there are some wheels turning.
As I believe I mentioned, I have someone who will be taking over the mail order side of my business. My online store is getting an overhaul. And we’ll be offering some really cool items that have not been previously available. There will be back issues, trade paperbacks, and creator-exclusive variant covers aplenty! Stay tuned on that!
If you are a backer of BEYOND MORTAL on Kickstarter, you know that shipment of those books stalled out. Well, I’m happy to say that as of today we will be picking them up and starting to ship them out again! It’ll take a few days to wrap our heads around that, but we’re pushing the rocks up the hill again!
As I type this, it looks like SWUMPWATER is ONE VIEW away from 3,000! If you haven’t checked out this short horror movie yet, please do! If you like it, hit the like button, leave a comment, and subscribe! See what we were able to do with almost no budget!
Harper Kids is sponsoring a GoodReads giveaway for UP TO NO GHOUL, the sequel to THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR. There are five copies up for grabs, and you can enter here -
And, speaking of GHOULS, you can currently buy the first book in the GHOULS series, THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR, digitally for only $1.99! That’s a pretty sweet deal!
The Ghoul Next Door – HarperCollins
Dark Horse shared a couple of great images for my upcoming series SHOCK SHOP! You can order the book now! I hope you will! It’s a flipbook, remember, so each issue has two covers! In this case, we’ve got a terrific variant for the first issue, too–also with two covers!
Here are codes below to preorder at your local comic book shop.
Regular CVR JUL2200373
Variant CVR JUL2200372
Valiant has released a video trailer for the upcoming BOOK OF SHADOWS series! It’s a fun hint at the horrors that await readers in that book!
Valiant's Book of Shadows #1 - Official Launch Trailer
Valiant's Book of Shadows #1 - Official Launch Trailer
Interview: Cullen Bunn Talks 'Bloodborne: Lady of the Lantern' - Previews World
Outside Harrow County and living in the city, Emmy uncovers more about her secretive and powerful city cousins, their powers, what they want from her, and whether or not she can put a stop to their cruel plans.
Here are the events I have finalized for the coming days. Keep in mind, these days, “finalized” doesn’t mean as much as it once did. All events are subject to change.
JULY 29 - 31, 2022 - Scares That Care, Willamsburg, VA
SEPTEMBER 24 - 25, 2022 - Memphis Comic Expo, Memphis TN
Here is a quick and dirty list of upcoming projects. In most cases, I’m only listing projects that are definitely on the schedule with a published. Oftentimes, I will not be able to share much information, but I can at least tease the future! Everything here is, of course, subject to change.
  • June - BLOODBORNE, a comic series based on the hit horror video game.
  • July - BOOK OF SHADOWS, the Valiant Universe supernatural team book.
  • August 2022 - UP TO NO GHOUL, a sequel to THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR.
  • August - PARASOMNIA: THE DREAMING GOD, a story about dreams and loss and adventure.
  • September - SHOCK SHOP, A new series that will allow me to spin many, many horror stories.
  • A LEGACY OF VIOLENCE - A horror maxi-series about a mysterious town and mysterious experiments that have played out there. 
  • THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SALEM - A one shot following Sabrina’s mischievous cat on a wild adventure.
  • A sequel to a story of robotic mischief.
  • A horror OGN where reality and surreality clash in a murderous way.
  • An action/comedy thrill-ride. unlike anything else I’ve ever written.
  • An apocalyptic horror/fantasy maxi-series.
  • A horror one-shot about loss and grief and guilt.
  • A new action/horror series I can’t tell you much about just yet.
  • A new licensed horror comic series
  • Another new licensed horror comic series
  • A horror maxi-series exploring a side of horror you might not expect
  • A horror/thriller I’m co-writing
  • A horror limited series I’m working on with one of my best friends and long-standing collaborator
So far this year, I wrote:
  • 922 pages of comic book scripts (938 in 2021)
  • 0 feature length screenplay (1 in 2021)
  • 1 half-hour comedy pilot (0 in 2021)
  • 1 short film script (0 in 2021)
  • 6 short stories (13 in 2021)
  • 0 novellas (0 in 2021)
  • 25 new comic book series proposals (25 in 2021)
  • 0 podcast proposals (5 in 2021)
  • 1 essay (0 in 2021)
  • 1 foreword for upcoming graphic novels (0 in 2021)
  • 1 television series proposal (0 in 2021)
Sorry this one went out a little later in the morning than usual! If it’s any consolation, I felt like I was writing it at the usual time!
If you enjoy reading about all the nonsense I’m up to, I hope you’ll consider throwing some support toward my Patreon. I post something almost every day, and all the funds earned on that platform go directly into funding more and more comic book work!
If you want to keep the conversation going throughout the week, follow me on Twitter or join my Discord server! Thanks for joining me!
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Still in the Cullen Bunn business.
Still in the Cullen Bunn business.
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