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Weekly newsletter of Cuger Brant - Issue #1

Cuger Brant...Hidden in Plain Sight
Cuger Brant...Hidden in Plain Sight
Your hedonistic reality…
Did you know that the gadget you are caressing, lovingly looking at, along with in your PC, iPhone, TV, etc. commonly include the following metals: aluminium, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium, gold, iron, lead, lithium, manganese, mercury, palladium, platinum, selenium, silver, and zinc?
Where do you think these metals come from? They come from the ground, mined at a high cost in human health to those poor underpaid souls who do the digging and the environment.  I know how you are ‘concerned’ with your selective morals and scruples also towards your fellow man who suffer the dire consequences of extracting and processing them, in illness and a short life.
Just as you are indignant about China using all those fossil fuels to turn them into needful things that billions want to buy and throw away because ‘better’ needful things come along; thus, needful old things are discarded. But stop and think before you go into ‘protest’ mode and demand justice where it particularly threatens you and your rather comfy life. Take a peep on the back of your e-reader, laptop, android or iPad, etc. Look at the label which says… Made in China.
 So, now you are part of the problem; what to do?
Well, you could do what Greta Thunberg does and scream, letting us know just how hard your life is, and demand governments keep your lifestyle going but at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Or you could saunter around the world pretending you are green (for the camera), being followed by hundreds of (not so green) reporters leaving a carbon footprint any vintage ‘jet setter’ would be hard put to equal.
You could even join the great unwashed; dole spongers etc. dye your hair, stop traffic, dance, and demand this, that, or the other and listen to some wise celeb, pop, or movie star informing you what to sacrifice in order to sustain their lifestyles, mentioning no names (Mr. de Caprio).
Or perhaps really go green, eat tree bark or cabbages, thrash yourselves with stinging nettles in repentance of your wicked, hedonistic past life while preaching the virtues of wearing a hessian shirt, and feeling mighty while pouring relentless scorn on the rest of us.
But on reflection, would it help? Well, no, not really. Even remonstrating with those lying supermarket assistants who told you that paying for your plastic bag would help save the planet would not help. But at least it stopped you traveling hundreds of miles to throw it off some seashore or other when you finished with it, thus saving some leatherback turtle in the Pacific Ocean somewhere.
Being part of the problem; what not to do!
Do not start the blame game; as proven, your accusations will all be pointed back at you.
Do not protest at climate summits; the hypocrisy will come back and haunt you. After all, you are only demanding (like millions of others), what is everyone ELSE is going to do about it!
Do not feel sorry for those billions in third-world countries such as Africa and South America who have sold their mineral rights to China and the good old USA. Their people will be streaming to your shores by the tens of thousands very soon, you can comfort them then.
Do not, on any account, feel sorry for your children. You know, the young ones that live with you demanding every up-to-date gadget going while at the same time lecturing you on the perils of climate change, with all the intelligence and experience hindsight provides, again mentioning no names (Ms. Thunberg).
But of course, you could genuinely feel sorry for those who bark at the Moon with their climate change denial, alternative theories, postulations, etc.
But when you actually think for yourself instead of being told what to think, you will rationalize the predicament facing all of us.
The truth will dawn on you that one thing is inevitable.
 It is getting warmer, it is not going to stop getting warmer, and this will have very severe consequences…For everyone on the planet!
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Cuger Brant...Hidden in Plain Sight
Cuger Brant...Hidden in Plain Sight

The Devil’s advocate on Global Warming

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