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CSUPERB Newsletter - July 2020

CSUPERB Newsletter - July 2020
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Hello! Oi!
Summer continues to be a period of change, probably more than usual this year.
“The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.” —Maya Angelou
I want to thank Presidents Harrison and Morishita for their years of service and to welcome Presidents Castro and Papazian to the Presidents’ Commission. We look forward to your diverse voices, support and vision at CSUPERB.
The CSUPERB ICorps program will be starting soon and is called August Sprint. We have 12 teams from seven campuses participating, which is the most we have had and is wonderful that we can support them all given the virtual format. 
I am super proud of Christine Montgomerey for leading us in the “How to be an Antiracist Scientist” webinar as well as our panelists, Paula Fischhaber, Pascale Guiton, Brett Smith and Jo Volkert. The webinar recording is now available. We have distributed a survey so that the responses from the participants will provide a guide for us in developing our next steps and new programming. We have had great representation across the CSU system (participants from 14 universities have responded to the survey thus far). The main takeaway, so far, is that this conversation is something people are wanting to engage in from different perspectives: some people want to talk about their experience with racism and microaggressions, while others want training and practice on how to be antiracist. Stay tuned for more insights.
Our COVID-19 community continues to meet to support each other, especially around how to restart research operations. A few topics that emerged this past meeting was how to motivate your students when they cannot access labs, as well as the evolving processes to restart research on different campuses. If you would like to join us, please email me (
I am also working with Drs. Christine Valdez and Aparna Sreenivasan from CSU Monterey Bay and am happy to announce the webinar “Prepare for Fall 2020: What have we learned and how best to support your students”, on August 12 to help faculty. Please sign up using this link and distribute widely, especially to brand new CSU faculty. I look forward to seeing you all.
As the summer is swiftly moving along, please remember to take some time to rest, reflect and have some fun. Below you will see some sessions from Comic-Con@Home 2020 that may be of interest. Enjoy!

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Ibram X. Kendi on "How to Be an Antiracist"
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GeekEd: College and the Nerd Mind (CCEL) | Comic-Con@Home 2020
Hollyweird Science: Creativity, Correctness, and Collaboration | Comic-Con@Home 2020
Comics on Campus: Fandom at Academia (CCEL) | Comic-Con@Home 2020
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