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Hello Whales!
Unfortunately, as many already know, Twitter has decided to unverify me and suspend my account, all without giving me any reasoning. This is a huge blow to our community, but it doesn’t end here.
As I tweeted right before my account was shut down, Twitter is a platform that is no longer afraid of censorship. Its foundation is built on silencing those they disagree with while projecting the voices of those they agree with.
In our case, we shared a unique perspective on the markets that was honest, contrarian, realistic, and analytical. As we know, Twitter’s current and prior executives are Bitcoiners, which is why they’ve been so adamant on silencing the voices of those who speak the truth against it.
But enough with that. Twitter made its decision, and I’ll say one thing, I will never stop fighting for truth, trust, and transparency. While my 550,000+ followers, verification badge, and account access are stripped, I am grateful that we still have a newsletter with over 260,000 amazing and loyal members.
I want to quickly thank everyone who subscribed. We will work together to make a major comeback. Our first action will be to spreading the word about this newsletter, so we can keep everyone updated and on the same page. By clicking on this link here, we can share a tweet across Twitter, to let the WhaleArmy know about what happened.
Twitter hasn’t suspended @WhaleWire, so please also follow me there. I will begin posting tweets again shortly. I’m also looking into alternative platforms to build our community, as theirs a lot of uncertainty regarding Twitter’s long-term viability.
In the meantime, I will be revamping my newsletter to increase output production. If you aren’t a member, I’d highly recommend joining. Our voice being silenced is because the establishment is afraid of our influence and the truth we preach. If they want to play that game, we can go even harder.
Have a wonderful day everyone. Thank you for your support.
Love you.
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