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Real Ventures Crypto Brief - January 15, 2018

Welcome to 2018! I'm happy to be back writing about all of the amazing advancements happening every d
Richard Hendrix
Real Ventures Crypto Brief - January 15, 2018
By Richard Hendrix • Issue #16 • View online
Welcome to 2018! I’m happy to be back writing about all of the amazing advancements happening every day in the crypto space. Even though the world was on holiday, crypto didn’t rest. 
If I had to sum up the zeitgeist of today, I would say it’s “everything is starting to get real” (only some pun intended). We’ve seen absolutely massive financial returns, and as a result institutional investors and grade-A talent are beginning to enter this space in a serious way. The best minds at silicon valley tech companies and universities have now heard about the crypto revolution, are investigating it and deciding to enter in droves. Crypto researchers are making excellent progress on highly technical mechanism designs and scalability solutions, which means the technology will soon be ready for prime-time applications at scale. What were once only hopes and dreams are now rapidly becoming reality. 
As great as all of the progress is, it’s important to keep a vigilant eye on all of the complexity that comes with what is truly a revolution for humanity on the same scale as the internet. The size, magnitude, and sophistication of scams is growing even faster than crypto prices. Crypto now carries material economic implications for economies and governments, who are coming to understand that their power may diminished in a crypto future. The costs of mistakes have become substantially higher, and much more real.
Simultaneously euphoric and terrifying. That’s crypto as we enter 2018. Onward and upward!

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