Monday Masala

By Kevin Wilson

A weekly meaning-mix of 1 chai tip, 2 ideas from me, and 3 ideas from others. For best results, read with a cup of chai ☕️

A weekly meaning-mix of 1 chai tip, 2 ideas from me, and 3 ideas from others. For best results, read with a cup of chai ☕️

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Monday Masala - Issue #66 - kothamalli tea, lessons from decomposed chai, civil disobedience and thoughts on reading and writing.

Here's a kotthamalli tea recipe (coriander tea) that turned out to be spicier than I wanted it to be. I'll probably reduce the amount of peppercorns and ginger next time I make it.Mess around with it. See if you like it. If you don't, no judgement. Maybe a li…


Monday Masala - Issue #65 - adding spices, thoughts on comparison, deconstructing faith, and finite and infinite games.

When you do you add your tea and masala (spices) to the chai? I've always added it to the water when I see small bubbles forming at the base of the pot, boiling them throughout the process. But last week, I added them towards the end of the brew, minutes befo…


Monday Masala - Issue #64

I was tagged in this viral karak chai recipe by Zubda where she caramelizes the sugar before adding the water and the spices. I typically add sugar at the very end of the chai process after I turn the heat off so I had to try this. I'm very pleased I did. Ste…


Monday Masala - Issue #63

Have you ever noticed a thin milky, film on top of your chai? In Hindi, this is called malai ("fat" or "cream") and it occurs when a fatty whole milk - usually cow's milk or buffalo milk - is heated to about 80 °C (180 °F) and cools down at room temperature. …


Monday Masala - Issue #62

Tea bags. How do we feel about them?I used to be anti-tea bags for chai. But in a pinch, and especially if you don't own a fine-mesh strainer, tea bags can come in clutch as long as you get a good brand. If you do own a strainer, you can get a strong chai liq…


Monday Masala - Issue #61

If you're making your chai from scratch, try adding the spices after you add the tea and the milk. If the spices are already a part of a masala chai blend, keep the heat high and add the milk right after you see the first boil of the chai. You've probably ove…


Monday Masala - #60 - Graduation, Iced Chai, Winston Churchill on humility, and how to think philosophically

Here is a transcript of a talk I gave at a high school graduation few weeks ago reflecting on life in a post-pandemic age through a Christian worldview.


Monday Masala - #59 - Oreo chai, non-alcoholic beverages, the importance of rethinking, and how to be a genius

I'm starting a new series called "Will it Chai?" where I take audience requests of food items and make chai recipes out of them 😋The first one in the series is an Oreo Chai and it was surprisingly good! INGREDIENTS ( for 1 - 1.5 cups)1 cup of milk1.2 cup of w…


Monday Masala #58 - on Book Writing, Journaling, Storytelling, Critical Race Theory, and Personal Knowledge Management

Have I told you that I'm writing a book?!!This may be old news for some of you, but I am writing a book titled the "The Way of Chai" published by Tarcher Perigree - an imprint of Penguin Random House. Every chapter will have the same format: a chai recipe and…


Monday Masala - #57

I was 18 when I left the country to come to Andrews University. Within days I was sensitized to the fact that I was a cultural outsider and, like clockwork, began the project of adopting new practices and adapting to new contexts in an effort to fit in and su…


Monday Masala - Issue #56

I share some thoughts here about why I never make chai with a recipe. It's a meditation on home, love, and family. This is also one of my favorite videos because it's the first time I composed my own sound for a TikTok video! I explain the meaning behind the …


Monday Masala - Issue #55

How is masala chai intertwined with British colonialism, western capitalism, and Indian resilience? This is a fascinating deep-dive into the history of masala chai and ends with practical insights from South-Asian chai entrepreneurs on how to make the perfect…


Monday Masala - #54

I shared some reflections about home, place, and community as a Third-Culture Kid in my recent video. I'll be posting a video on how to make good chai for more than yourself, but since you are the coolest, I'm going to tell you first. TIPS FOR MAKING CHAI FOR…


Monday Masala - #53

I'm working on a chai concentrate recipe. It's tricky. I have yet to try one that doesn't make me revisit the meaning of life, so I'm taking it upon myself to make something that, at the very least, I like. I'm anticipating multiple iterations, failed attempt…


Monday Masala - #52

The Chai-Easter crossover no one asked for but is here anyway. The main inspiration for this video came from Dr. Esau McCauley's New York Times Article : The Unsettling Power of Easter where he argues that remembering Easter, in a post-pandemic world, is as m…


Monday Masala - #51

Posted a TikTok last night reacting to Lil Nas X latest new single.It was intended to be an in-house conversation - a pastoral response in good faith towards a controversial topic - but it became the fastest video to reach 1.2 million views and counting. 😅It …


Monday Masala - Issue #50

It's a Thursday night at my home office. I position my soft-box at an angle, adjust my webcam, fix my microphone, and log in to the zoom call. Zoom fatigue gets to me as I struggle to present my best self at this hour. I am on the call with four others. All o…


Monday Masala - #49

Can you truly be "authentic" in the internet?Hank Green, co-founder of one of the most successful educational channels on the internet and one half of the vlogbrothers, responds back to his brother John who accuses him of rebranding himself as a "TikTok sensa…


Monday Masala - #48

Maha is one of my favorite chai creators on Instagram. Check out this informative video on chai and its colonial roots.


Monday Masala #47

I made a Rose Chai Recipe with a story of how my wife saved me from death,a Milk Powder hack to take your chai to the next level with a short rant on "creatives", and a very short but important Public Service Announcement.