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CROWeek #5 - CRO TVL ATH, new integrations and projects & NEW FEATURE

Hajedan - Founder of Cronos Research
Hajedan - Founder of Cronos Research
Hello CroFAM!
My name is Daniel (known as Hajedan) and I welcome you to the the 4th issue of CROWeek. You can find newsletter being divided by brackets to:
  • IMPACTFUL - events with significant impact on Cronos community
  • OFFICIAL - official Cronos news
  • DATA - data driven look on past week
  • PROJECTS - news regarding projects
  • EXCLUSIVE - exclusive, never before seen pieces of information
  • PLATFORM - updates on Cronos Research platform
Important to say that the newsletter is currently FREE and in TESTING phase, meaning there is possibility of the newsletter format being changed in future, based (not only) on your feedback which I am really looking forward.
However, let’s not waste time and dive into Cronos updates straight away!
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Introduction to issue
First and foremost, THANK YOU for all the feedback you are providing back to me as it helps me a lot to suit your needs with not only CROWeek but Cronos Research platform as a whole! :)
This week, I am bringing you a less visual edition with facts based news which I have gathered over the week. I hope you will understand this as things are rolling in the background each day, but shhh, don’t tell anyone!
Fasten your seatbelts and dive into the 5th issue of CROWeek, weekly summary of Cronos, coming out each Sunday
[IMPACTFUL & OFFICIAL] UnifiedAPI, Greyscale & block size
Merged categories as the source of the news is official Cronos Twitter account while having impact on Cronos.
Covalent UnifiedAPI support
Covalent UnifiedAPI brings another API endpoint for querying on-chain data for both users and developers on Cronos
Greyscale added $CRO amongst “assets under consideration”
Grayscale, a digital currency investing services company, added $CRO, $APE and $KNC to “assets under consideration
These tokens are NOT included in a investment product, but came to attention and were identified as possible candidates for inclusion in a future investment product
Source: Grayscale Tweet
Block size doubled
Block size of Cronos chain has been doubled from 20 million to 40 million gas, following previous doubling that happened on May 15th from 10 million to 20 million gas. This enables twice as big daily transactions processing capability of Cronos Chain
[DATA] Weekly changes (7/17/2022 5pm UTC)
USD Cronos TVL risen from $1.16b (close) to $1.17b in last 7 days, making a 0.8% rise [Source: DeFi Llama]
CRO Cronos TVL risen from 9.32b CRO (close) to 9.64b CRO in last 7 days, making a 3.4% rise while reaching ATH of 10.1b CRO, surpassing previous ATH of 9.21b CRO from 10th of May [Source: DeFi Llama]
DeFi Llama Cronos TVL in USD
DeFi Llama Cronos TVL in USD
Top 5 NFT weekly floor prices and volume
Ebisu’s Bay VIP | UNKNOWN -> 20,400 CRO with 536k CRO volume
Fury Mouse Gang | MINTING -> 500 CRO with 399k CRO volume
MM Treehouse | 6,399 CRO -> 6,390 CRO with 295k CRO volume
Flaming Phenix Club | 599 CRO -> 747 CRO with 292k CRO volume
Mad Meerkat Degen| 2,997 CRO -> 2,999 CRO with 234k CRO volume
Top 5 NFT Mints
As seen in our Mint Stats, here are the top 5 collections currently minting on Cronos, sorted by the minted supply with approximate number of days until mint out based on daily minted supply average:
  • Minted: 93.6% | Live: 30 days | Approximate mint out: 2 days
  • Minted: 91.75% | Live: 121 days | Approximate mint out: 11 days
  • Minted: 91.6% | Live: 41 days | Approximate mint out: 4 days
  • Minted: 81.33% | Live: 154 days | Approximate mint out: 35 days
  • Minted: 79.48% | Live: 102 days | Approximate mint out: 26 days
[Source: Mint Stats]
[PROJECTS] Lone(l)y news, Router & FIRA news
Looneycorns (Lost Toys) known as first Under One Roof project and Royalties Distribution Diagram for VIP holders
Looneycorns has been selected as first Under One Roof project from Mad Meerkat for second round. This will include Looneycorn NFTs as well as next Lost Toys character due to mint around August. Exact dates yet to be announced soon.
Secondly, Looneycorns announced Royalties Distribution Diagram for VIP holders, , providing 10-50% revenue sharing from 5 different income streams of Lost Toys
Source: Looneycorns Discord
Royalties Distribution Diagram
Royalties Distribution Diagram
Router Protocol AR integration at Annex
Annex Finance, a decentralised marketplace for lenders and borrowers, has integrated Router AR, enabling swap of tokens from BNB Chain to Cronos Chain and vice versa.
Defiraverse soon coming to Cronos
Defiraverse, a fusion of DeFi and GameFi in unique blockchain metaverse, is coming to Cronos really soon. In upcoming weeks, we can expect new world, first $FIRA token minting as main GameFi token, Mimas Finance token being as center DeFi token and partnership with Argo Protocol as a solution for liquid staking.
You can read more about Defira expansion to Cronos in the Medium article
Source: Defira Tweet
[EXCLUSIVE] Nothing this time :(
[PLATFORM] Cronos Event Calendar
New feature, Cronos Event Calendar, launched
On 15th of July 2022, Cronos Research has launched new feature, Cronos Event Calendar.
HIGHLY dependant on community usage, Cronos Event Calendar aims to become one-stop calendar for overview on Spaces, AMAs, Events, Airdrops or Contests!
ANYONE can submit their event for approval!
Submit your events HERE
In the last week, we have:
Intersting facts about CR, as of 16th of July 2022:
  • 153 listed DeFi projects
  • 233 listed NFT projects
  • 10 listed RPC endpoints
  • 130 NFTs tracked
  • 674k of hourly data records stored for NFTs
  • 4GB of data shown monthly in our NFT Analytics
Last Words
If you managed to go through this newsletter to the end, I would like to strongly THANK YOU for reading it. It means a lot for me given fact I do all stuff solo and I am more than happy for ANY feedback. Believe me, I am looking forward more the negative than the positive one haha! You can always shoot me a DM at @croresearch Twitter account!
Stay safe and stay focused as the danger could be lurking behind any corner and you may never know what could happen.
Of course don’t forget to check Cronos Research platform for source of your daily DYOR ;)
Thank you once more and looking forward to next issue on Sunday!
Daniel, founder of Cronos Research
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Hajedan - Founder of Cronos Research
Hajedan - Founder of Cronos Research @croresearch

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