Psychology with Cristine - 2021





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Psychology with Cristine - 2021
By Cristine Chen  • Issue #1 • View online
Hi, I’m alive!
I’m currently working on several projects, from Psychology of Third Culture Kids book to various businesses, and hope to take you along with me.
Decided to bring this newsletter back because 1.) It’s fun 2.) Opening room for future collaborations with you if you find any overlaps between our work.
Also, this newsletter will be sent on a daily basis.
I’m joking.
It will be sent sporadically, meaning I send when there is information that I find will be useful for all of us.
Around 1-2x a month.
The intention here is to not waste each other’s time.
I want to make sure that each send has at least 1 content that is valuable to you.
3 main bullet points:
  1. Interesting Psychology idea, insight, tool
  2. Book or article recommendation
  3. Featured Quote
This newsletter is a two-way street—you can email back anytime if you have feedback, questions, and/or interested to collaborate!
You can find me on Twitter and Instagram.
Also, I moved my newsletter from Mailchimp to Revue. Now you can view all my future newsletters in one place so you can read about Psychology and other musings whenever you feel like it.
See you in the next post!


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Cristine Chen

Psychology with Cristine
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