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Wowza, a fresh coat of paint?! Welcome to Creator Class.

Creator Class with Jared White
Hi, I’m Jared. You may know me because of my writing on tech topics. Or my podcast on…well, tech topics. Or if you knew me from way back when, it may be because of my spiritual and artistic explorations.
Whatever the case may be, don’t hit that unsubscribe button just yet. While I may have retired the old Mark Up This! newsletter moniker (which half the time my mind turned into Mark This Up, or MTF! 😜)—I haven’t given up my desire to bring you cake pops of wisdom and a 12oz latte-sized perspective on what it’s like to be a content creator on the open web.
Creator Class isn’t just about learning and growing. It’s about a sense of solidarity with other creators, about standing up for yourself as a creator. Maybe that word gets thrown around a lot without too much care. In my case, ever since I can remember, I was always making something out of nothing. It’s not even about the art per se. It’s about the embrace of the blank slate.
So much has changed lately for creators. In 2020 we saw pretty much every artistic field go digital. By choice or by force, it doesn’t matter. Now we’re all in the same boat together. Of course you’re likely looking forward to getting away from screen time again as society opens back up, and enjoying tangible experiences like a great band at an outdoor concert or a theater production or a poetry slam. Me too!
Nevertheless, online content isn’t going away, and it’s in fact only heating up more and more. When I look back at the last 25 years I’ve spent publishing content online, it’s easy to get discouraged, feeling at times like I’ve hardly made a dent in the universe. Whereas I usually number my audience counts in the double or triple digits, there are people out there who can post a cat video and get millions of hits.
Why am I still in this racket anyhow? 🤨🤪
Because I just love publishing online. I love writing. While I dabble in photography, videography, podcasting, and various other mediums, it’s writing which really gets my neurons firing on all cylinders.
So I’m doubling down on it in 2021. Writing writing writing. And reading reading reading. There’s just something about words on paper–so to speak–that reaches deep into my soul in a way that just doesn’t happen anywhere else. In a world of blipverts (reference) and instant pundits, the art of slowing down and taking the time to really digest a plethora of information, or to place thoughts down in a clear and concise manner, is highly valuable.
Thus here I am once again asking you to bear with me as I get Creator Class off the ground. Whether you write, speak, sculpt, perform, program, or invent, my desire is this newsletter will bring you hope, inspiration, and make you feel like you’re not alone.
What are you creating this week? Send me an email and I’ll feature it in the next newsletter!

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Jared White
Wow, I actually have an outline now for a "Ruby for JavaScript Developers" book. I'm starting to think this might be a thing. I've blogged on various technical topics for decades but never wrote a book. Maybe it's time?
Jared White
Today I held my first @_whitefusion “Bored Meeting” 😜 to define upcoming Q2 projects.

Agenda, meeting notes, next steps, the whole nine yards.

Used @craftdocsapp to do it—and what a great experience it is! The colorful highlighting options are second to none. Huge recommend.
By-the-way of the Day
BTW, I’m extremely impressed so far by Revue, the software I’m now using to create and publish this newsletter. Makes sense why Twitter snatched them up. The format is quite like how I designed my past newsletters, and it’s a piece of cake to add in links, RSS feed items, photos, tweets, and more. It’s fun to use HEY World as well for blogging and emailing those posts out, but Revue is more my style.
Bloomin’ Portland 🌸
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Tap to open on Tumblr
Tap to open on Tumblr
Tap to open on Tumblr
All right folks, that’s it for today’s newsletter. The first of many to come I hope. Send me your feedback! I’ll see y’all next week. ✌️
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Creator Class with Jared White
Creator Class with Jared White @jaredcwhite

The challenges and rewards of being an underpaid content creator building an audience one connection at a time.

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