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Why Do We Create? 🤔 (Because…)

Creator Class with Jared White
Why do we create?
Is it for the fame?
For the money? (HA!)
An ego trip? (Maybe.)
Because it’s fun? (Sometimes.)
Perhaps some strange elixir which combines all these…but no, that’s not essentially why we create, not really.
We create because we are grateful.
Something once spoke to us, resonated with us, stirred the soul. We were forever changed. And now we want to give back, to be that beacon of light for someone else. We create because we can’t help but create.
The joy we feel and the love we express through the meticulous mechanics of our craft—it’s a cycle we are privileged to participate in. We get inspired, and in turn, we inspire others. And the world goes round.
That’s my answer, at least.
If you’re in the content creation game for some other reason, that’s cool too. But if it is just for the fame and the glory—get the fuck out!
We need you to be YOU! The real you! Not an “influencer”, not some cultivated “personality”. There’s enough of that shit already. 20K followers, or 200K, or 2M? Please. It’s an illusion of success.
Success is the me in you vibrating at the same frequency as the you in me. A special kind of spark, a connection, a knowing. Namaste in noncorporeal symmetry. One, to one, to one, to one. Not a flashy broadcast. Not another bell notification. Not a metric. One…to one. Me. You. And back again.
This is why we create.
Because when we do, we are the most “us” we can be. And we give others permission to do likewise. Enjoy the gift.

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Washington (the State)
Gazing Toward the Olympic Mountains, with Sailboats. (Tap to open on Tumblr)
Gazing Toward the Olympic Mountains, with Sailboats. (Tap to open on Tumblr)
Catchin’ Up on Birdsite…
Jared White
Assuming no last-minute surprises, I’ll be vaccinated with first dose before the week is out. I’m slightly nervous but mostly very excited!!
Jared White
“Nobody codes in Ruby anymore, it's too productive.”

–Yogi Berra
By-the-way of the Day
I know not everyone is totally into the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing—but for those of you who are, wouldn’t you agree The Falcon and the Winter Soldier made a crazy leap forward in quality over the past two episodes? I was all geared up to write a post about how it wasn’t living up to the incredibly high bar set by WandaVision and maybe by season 2 or 3 it would get really good…but dayum, it got good! 🤯
Kevin Feige just keeps knocking it out of the park. At this point I’d be shocked (shocked I tell you!!) if Marvel were to put out anything I don’t totally fall in love with.
All right folks, that’s it for today. Please send me your feedback so I know what will most brighten your day. See y’all next week! ✌️
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Creator Class with Jared White
Creator Class with Jared White @jaredcwhite

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