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How to Be a Creator in 3 Easy Steps 😉😉😉

Speaking of photography…for a long time, I’d been down in the dumps about the state of publishing and sharing photographic content online. Because of the horrorscape that is Facebook Meta (which is the parent company of Instagram), I’d tried various other ser…


Time to Rethink Every Commitment (and Howdy, I'm Back!)

The first step to making meaningful change is to declare "content creator bankruptcy". At the end of January I posted:


The Matrix Was My Gateway Drug to Movie Fandom

The Matrix is my favorite movie of all time.I grew up a rather sheltered child. Homeschooled. Not as religious as you might imagine, but religious nonetheless. We didn’t watch too many modern movies, certainly not many R-rated movies (even as a teenager). My …


How to Level Up as a Creator

For those of you in the U.S., I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! Stay safe y'all ✌️


Listen a While in Another Man's Podcast Feed

I've been so busy lately I haven't gotten a chance to take my Nikon Z fc out for a spin and document the incredible fall colors we always get here in Portland. The first time I experienced this I was flabbergasted. I hadn't seen colors pop in this manner outs…


“And I am struck as lonely as a holy marker by the sun”

For privacy reasons, I don't talk about my children much or post photos of them online. They'll have enough to deal with as they get older in our global, interconnected culture. But having just celebrated a round of birthdays, I'm awestruck by how much they'v…


The Best Way to Redesign a Website… 🧐

P. S. Some great stuff's on Apple TV+ right now, including the second season of The Morning Show (woo hoo!). But a new show I've quickly become obsessed about is Foundation. It looks absolutely stellar. (wink)


Summer of Jazz, or, How to Find Your Groove

Not one, but two episodes came out since the last newsletter. Neither is particularly time-sensitive so if you haven't already, listen to them both!


Tales of a Fully-Vaccinated Creator

That's all for now folks. Be well, stay safe, and I'll talk to you soon — and please tell your friends about Creator Class! ☺️


Why Do We Create? 🤔 (Because…)

I know not everyone is totally into the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing—but for those of you who are, wouldn't you agree The Falcon and the Winter Soldier made a crazy leap forward in quality over the past two episodes? I was all geared up to write a po…


Wowza, a fresh coat of paint?! Welcome to Creator Class.

BTW, I'm extremely impressed so far by Revue, the software I'm now using to create and publish this newsletter. Makes sense why Twitter snatched them up. The format is quite like how I designed my past newsletters, and it's a piece of cake to add in links, RS…