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Staying Committed to the Path, Lightroom Top 10 Gotcha's

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Staying Committed to the Path, Lightroom Top 10 Gotcha's
By Robert Rodriguez Jr • Issue #1 • View online
Hello everyone, hope you are safe and healthy!
I’m back from a short hiatus and looking forward to sharing creative insights and resources to keep you moving forward during these challenging times. I’ve spent the last few months reflecting on where I’ve been and where I want to go creatively, as well as enjoying precious time with my kids who teach me something valuable every single day.
Below are some of those thoughts, as well as some articles I think you’ll enjoy reading!

Thoughts and Reflections
The longer I live the more I discover and appreciate the wisdom of valuing the process over the results, and thinking of success in terms of forward momentum rather than a metric. Creating or building anything of lasting value requires a mindset that celebrates the hard work before the flower blooms, and in a world that is obsessed with instant gratification, this is hard to do or sustain.
But there are no shortcuts or hacks here, aside from what many will tell you, and sell you. The creative domain is one of quantity over quality, and all great artists, inventors, and thinkers were and continue to be prolific by necessity.
The fastest way I know of to learn fast, whether that be music, or photography, or painting, is to fail often. But failing is no fun. It hurts, it’s deeply frustrating, and it can deplete your self-confidence faster than anything else by a long shot.
I’ve wanted to quit at all of my creative endeavors at some point or another, and recently I’ve wondered if I’m deluding myself by believing I can become proficient as a painter. But one thing I’ve learned as a photographer is that the results are not the reward.
The reward is knowing you’re committed to your path even when you’re not sure you are going in the right direction. It’s perseverance in the absence of guarantees that distinguishes those we admire as artists and human beings. They have enough confidence to keep going when it seems futile.
Unfortunately, the one thing that can’t be taught is confidence—the confidence to believe in your creative vision. Once you lose that it’s all over. But if you can build and maintain that confidence, regardless of the temporary outcomes, you are on the only path that leads to the greatest reward: meaningful artistic expression.
So if you get discouraged, as I have so many times, keep going. It’s a cliche, but it’s true, and that’s all that matters.
What to Read
Lightroom Top 10 Gotcha's | The Lightroom Queen
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What I'm Thinking About
“Focus on the craft and the quality that goes into what you do. Define success as showing up, giving it everything. Then it’s your choice whether you succeed or fail. And when you succeed on the level of the inputs you control….outcomes have a funny way of taking care of themselves and working out on their own.” -August Bradley
From the Studio
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Be well,
Robert :)
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