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Creative Machines - Issue #8

Lance Weiler
Lance Weiler
Cheap, Easy Deepfakes Are Getting Closer to the Real Thing
Sundance, sunset: is the death of indie cinema imminent?
New Prototyping Series - Storytellers Wanted
This fall Columbia DSL is launching a prototyping series entitled Test/Break. The series will provide a forum for those working on projects that push at the edges of narrative possibilities. DSL members will offer feedback and assistance with preparation for each prototyping session. In addition we’ll help organize an audience of 6 to 40 testers. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are working to adapt or create virtual work and have interest in experimenting with various types of collaboration and participatory methods of interaction. 
Is This the New Vivian Maier? In a Secret Room, a Young Woman Discovered 8,000 Remarkable Photos Taken by Her Grandfather
Art From the Futures - SPECIAL EVENT
From the Futures is a shared ethnography meets collaborative art making initiative
From the Futures is a shared ethnography meets collaborative art making initiative
In a time of dramatic change, our lives and relationships are suddenly disrupted. Online spaces are expanding beyond recognition and video conference platforms grow at the heart of our social lives.
Art From The Futures is a virtual event dedicated to the exploration of this new medium. For this first edition, the From the Futures team will invite 10 international artists to engage the audience with intimate and participatory experiences using video conference platforms.
Join us on Saturday August 29th at 2.30pm ET for an action packed event with 10 immersive artist.
Free - RSVP now as space is limited.
The New Backstage. The actor takes a deep calming breath…
The Rise of the Rural Creative Class
In These Immersive Shows, the Jury Is In (Your Home)
Pininfarina Looks To The 5G And AI Future With Pioneering UX Design
RealTalk: This Speech Synthesis Model Our Engineers Built Recreates a Human Voice Perfectly
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Lance Weiler
Lance Weiler @lanceweiler

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