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Creative Machines - Issue #5

Lance Weiler
Lance Weiler
From the Futures: experiments in collaborative art & collective wayfinding in a time of ambiguity
We Need Imagination Now More Than Ever
UPCOMING EVENT - "Food From the Futures"
From the Futures - prototyping futures to better understand the present
From the Futures - prototyping futures to better understand the present
“Food Futures” next Thursday, April 23rd @ 1:30 PM ET
In a time of physical distancing, our personal relationship to food is evolving. For some, cooking has become an escape providing a sense of creativity or normalcy. For others, food has become increasingly a challenge, due to economic hardship and/or supply disruption. In the “Food Futures” session we’ll prototype futures around the themes of food and accessibility.
Over 600 people from 40 countries have joined “From the Futures,” a collaborative art meets collective wayfinding project from Columbia DSL, Fake Artists, Minkowski and Beautiful Seams. To sign up click here.
This Artist Proposes a Community Space ‘to Dream, to Imagine’
The Virus Changed the Way We Internet
People Are Paying Real Money to Get Into Virtual Zoom Nightclubs
The Neuroscience of Mind-Control Gaming
Restaurant of Mistaken Orders: A  Restaurant Where All the Servers Are People Living with Dementia
Introducing The AI Reading Machine That Reconstructs Books As Illustrated Haikus
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Lance Weiler
Lance Weiler @lanceweiler

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