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Lance Weiler
Lance Weiler
Welcome to Creative Machines (formerly known as Culture Hacker). I’ve decided to reboot the newsletter that ran from 2015 to last fall. I took a break as we were preparing to open The Raven, an immersive theatre piece that invited guests to explore an early 19th Century Mansion while wearing AR glasses and carrying an IoT enchanted lantern to guide their way.
Creative Machines is a curated link site and newsletter that centers on emergent tech and its impact on humanity. It’s related to the research that I’m doing as Director of the Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab (aka Columbia DSL).
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This week's links
Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a suspect.
Teens have figured out how to mess with Instagram's tracking algorithm
The making of “Where There’s Smoke” an immersive storytelling installation @ Tribeca Film Festival - [CASE STUDY]
Make your First Web AR App in 30 minutes
Jason Segel sought out a mysterious game for his new TV show. Things got weird
Hideo Kojima’s Strange, Unforgettable Video-Game Worlds
Project of the week
The Things We Lost In The Flood
The Things We Lost In The Flood
“Water has happened, and there goes the world. I don’t want to say too much because it’s one of those rare games whose shape I couldn’t predict, where I didn’t my know goals let alone what I might see or do, and would like to leave you the same surprise.
It’s a pleasant place to explore, and each run seems to throw different bits at me in a different order. I have yet to figure out the significance of several aspects, or whether they even have any. I’m not the only one, judging by some of the messages I’ve found drifting in bottles.” — Rock Paper Shotgun
Later this year, I’ll be mounting a photo exhibition meets immersive installation focused on existential threats. I’m returning to my roots as I started out wanting to be a photographer but a love of film pulled me away. So far the project has been amazing in the sense that its slowing me down. I find myself observing things in ways that I haven’t in quite sometime. Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing more details about how I’m approaching the work and what I’m learning in the process.
10:43 pm window
10:43 pm window
abandonded arches
abandonded arches
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For those interested in exploring new forms and functions of storytelling make sure to checkout Columbia DSL‘s monthly meetup and our global prototyping community.
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Lance Weiler
Lance Weiler @lanceweiler

CREATIVE MACHINES is a curated newsletter which focuses on emergent tech and its impact on humanity.

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