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Re-commit to our relationship

If you enjoy this newsletter, you know I struggle to keep up with it. It's annoying for me, and perhaps for you. So, I'll try something new, being less perfect.You can subscribe to get notifications of posts I make to my blog, the more fragmentary version of …


Cynical Tactics for Change Management, Summer Hurry Up And Wait - Coté's Commonplace Book - #72

Most people don't want to change. And why would they? What they've done to this point has been successful: they're still here! Most people want stability in their day-to-day life, not the risks of trying new things all the time. So when you're changing how yo…


Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #71

Originally on my blog.


Stop with the DevSecOps videos already - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #70

Our second DevOps Loop conference is coming up on June 22nd. It's free, and we've put in a lot of work to get an interesting line-up of topics, that is, speakers. I've worked with many of them to come up with new (or new-ish) talks. Anyhow, register for it an…


How to Have Fun at Executive Dinners, Urgency - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #69

In case you don't like videos, here's my script for the "people need urgency to change" tiny video. These "scripts" are always longer than what I actually do. I don't follow the script, I just try to remember what to say. And do a lot of re-takes (on the spot…


Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #68

Jordi asked about the usefulness of competitive intelligence (at software/cloud vendors) in the Software Defined Slack. Here's what I added to the thread:I think competitive intelligence is least useful for product management. Innovation, talking to customers…


Impressions of America from an expat - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #67

Lots going on at the moment. We’re on vacation for two weeks, finally going back to Texas to visit. Most of our family hasn’t met our two year old, born at the start of COVID in Amsterdam. And while I’ve been back to Austin twice in the ~4.5 years we’ve been …


The last "platform" diagram you'll ever need - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #66

Register for SpringOne Tour Chicago here, and use the code S1T_SAVE25 for a $25 discount.


What is DevSecOps? Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #65

In this longer blog post, I go over how I've finally come to think about what DevSecOps is.A summary of what the post covers:A secure software supply chain – This is a fancy way of saying "we know all the components that went into building and deploying this …


The Mid-Eastern Warm Smiles Insurance Company, AppDev with Kubernetes Conference, a Steve Jobs quote - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #64

We're kicking off our developer conferences later this month in Chicago, April 26th and 27th. It's SpringOne Tour time! This year most of the talks have something to do with app development with/on kubernetes: not all, to be sure. There's also finally some .N…


Two kubernetes usage surveys - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #63

Here’s an analysis of the most recent CNCF survey I did. It’s been on the shelf for awhile since we were looking for somewhere to publish it, on InfoQ it turns out. As you can guess, I liked making those charts.


Inspiration for developing a style and aesthetics - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #62

"We hired you for what you know, not what you don't know."This was the best career advice I got early on, that I can remember at least. It worked. I did excellent work at RedMonk and thrived. In addition to a lot of consulting, the job was a lot of self-drive…


How to write better copy for the while "digital transformation" urgency, "change or die" thing - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #61

Here’s a piece of writing advice that seems annoying at first, but is especially needed in most non-fiction books: tell people what you’re about to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them. I’ll give you an example. I was reviewing a book d…


IRL OKRs - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #60

Objective: enhance our comfort, peace of mind, and sense of comradely by owning a dog.Key Result: walk dog three times a day so that it does not pee on the floor.Key Result: feed dog twice a day, check for fresh water once a day, clean food bowls once a week.…


We Don't Talk about PaaS - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #59

Yeah, I don’t know. The stream of content comes and goes. Here’s some since last time. In case you've forgotten, this is my newsletter where I write barely thought-out and edited, uh, opinion pieces and analysis like the below. Also, there are links I've like…


Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #58

I’m reading through the Dune books (the core six ones) and I’m struck by how incredibly self-important they are. That’s not the exact phrasing but they’re completely serious and humorless. Almost inhuman! Still, I’ve finished the first too more quickly than I…


Lock-in is usually a weird conversation - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #57

One of the most frequent objections/benefits/discussion points in software is the idea of "lock-in." This usually means "if I pay someone for something, I'm using something only they have, and I'll be locked into it." With public cloud, it applies to cloud se…


Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #56

I really like the recent O'Reilly cloud survey. There's a lot going on in there especially when it comes to seeing how people use cloud, concerns they have, and so forth. The major take-away for me is that people use all the clouds and, of course, still have …


Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #55

DevOps Metrics for Technical, Business and Culture Transformation


Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #54

Some recently read books:LaserWriter II. This is a book about a Mac repair shop in New York in the 90s. I mean, like, it's just that. It's great!I'm almost done reading (well, listening to - the best way for these) the Wooster and Jeeves books. I read Ring fo…