IRL OKRs - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #60





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IRL OKRs - Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #60
By Coté • Issue #60 • View online
Family pets as OKRs in FY23. Executives to talk about getting better at software. Scroll to the end to see bacon frying.

New family member.
New family member.
Objective: enhance our comfort, peace of mind, and sense of comradely by owning a dog.
Key Result: walk dog three times a day so that it does not pee on the floor.
Key Result: feed dog twice a day, check for fresh water once a day, clean food bowls once a week.
Key Result: fully groom dog once a month: clipping nails, brushing out hair when the seasons change, washing dog.
Key Result: dog sleeps in bed once a night
Key Result: smile five more times a day.
Key Result: parents perform 100% tasks related to pet care for children who said they would.
Objective: acquire a snake…
I'm Hosting an Executive Get Together on April 26th in Chicago
I do a lot of executive round tables - 13 last year, 4 already this year. We’re finally have some in-person ones again. We have one coming up on April 26th in Chicago. Before the usual Executive Hanging-out I’ll have a discussion with an executive about how they’ve been doing all the transformation stuff, probably focusing on the challenges they’ve faced scaling “doing better software” to more and more teams. We’ll probably talk about “we don’t talk about PaaS” too.
I don’t know how they pick people for this invite only event, but if you think you belong there, register for it and see what happens!
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Dunbar’s number and how speaking is 2.8x better than picking fleas
Habits are Shifting for a Generation Smitten with Smartphones
Almost 40% of IT workers are now working fully flexibly
Developers spend most of their time figuring the system out
Engage with my brand!
Download three of my books on getting better at software in large organizations for free here.
Frying bacon for black beans.
Frying bacon for black beans.
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By Coté


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