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Coté's Commonplace Book - Issue #58
By Coté • Issue #58 • View online
The Dune books are almost annoyingly self-important; realistic cloud migration strategies; the year in reviews; and links!

I’m reading through the Dune books (the core six ones) and I’m struck by how incredibly self-important they are. That’s not the exact phrasing but they’re completely serious and humorless. Almost inhuman! 
Still, I’ve finished the first too more quickly than I’ve read any books in the past 12 months. While the pompousness turns me off - and, ironically makes me laugh at how over the top it is - they’re page turners because I want to see what happens next, especially when it comes to world-building.
There’s so much mythos and lore about Dune in nerd-culture (and the two films - I’ve never seen the TV series) that reading the actual books is almost like filling in the details. You have to really be curious about the Dune universe, which, I guess I am. Similarly, I often get drawn into reading too many wikipedia pages on comic book movie characters and villains just because I’m curious about their stories. 
But, man, the tone of the books is just so serious!
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I wrote up my take on a recent cloud survey, a survey I liked a lot. Check out the write-up, and/or my discussion of it on today’s Tanzu Talk:
Software Defined Talk 337: Year in Review
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