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Cosmology – Inaugural issue

Hi there 👋 Thanks for signing up to Cosmology! As of now, over 170 of you have subscribed, which sign
Cosmology – Inaugural issue
By Sébastien Couture • Issue #1 • View online
Hi there 👋
Thanks for signing up to Cosmology! As of now, over 170 of you have subscribed, which signals a desire for more content creators and curators in the Cosmos ecosystem. 
As an Atom holder, I want to stay up-to-date about Cosmos developments, better understand the technology and economics, and learn about the companies and projects that make up the ecosystem. 
In all honesty, my decision to do this was mostly on a whim (in many ways not all that different from my decision to start a Bitcoin podcast over five years ago). But if doing Epicenter has taught me anything, it’s that spreading knowledge is a great way to learn. 
If you’re new to Cosmos, I recommend Epicenter’s interview with Ethan Buchman and Sunny Aggarwal as a starting point. You may also read the companion summary of that episode in the Epicenter Community forum.
What to expect from this newsletter
About once per week, I’ll share a collection of articles, videos, or conversations which are meaningful to the ongoing discussion around Cosmos. I may also add some commentary when it is valuable or provides context. Like any great newsletter, it should be consistent, easy to digest, and fun!
What do you want out of Cosmology?
I want to build the newsletter by taking into account the ideas and feedback of its readers. If you have any thoughts, please reply to this email or find me on Telegram.
Thanks again for subscribing and see you in the Cosmos!

This week
Today marks 50 days since the Cosmos network was launched, and 10 days since the upgrade to cosmoshub-2. 👏👏👏
Proposal #4
Proposal #4, which was on the issuance of fungible tokens directly on the Cosmos Hub, failed to pass governance. It was submitted by e-Money, a company with plans to create fiat-backed stablecoins on Cosmos.
For more on e-Money see Chorus One’s with its founders.
Many validators including Sikka, P2P Validator, Staking Facilities, and B-Harvest strongly objected the to proposal, voting “No Veto”. They seemed to align on the ideas that a) the Hub should remain as lightweight as possible and should focus on optimizing IBC transfers, and b) that governance should not be burdened with token issuance
Sunny Aggarwal
@Jack_Zampolin @cosmosvalidator Open to the idea of issuing tokens on the Hub if done in a suitable mechanism. But extremely against using a governance proposal type to do so. @SikkaTech will probably vote NoWithVeto (highly against proposal, not following the "multiple choice" format outlined in the proposal).
5:29 PM - 19 Apr 2019
Read the full discussion in the Cosmos Forum discussion.
In response to the rejection, e-Money responded by affirming that they would not put forward and amended proposal, and would instead focus on launching our sovereign zone in the coming months.
Other governance discussions to follow
Market activity
Since transfers were enabled, a number of exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, and Poloniex have began listing Atom. Cosmos entered the market at a strong 15th position with a market cap hovering at between roughly $750 and $870. Indeed, things are off to a great start!
Cosmos enters the market at 15th place
Cosmos enters the market at 15th place
Weekend reading
Still confused about Cosmos and Polkadot, and how they are different? Coin Savage breaks down the five main differences.
If you’re holding part of the ~45% of currently unstaked Atoms, be sure to read this guide (Linux installation not included).
The Ultimate Cosmos Delegation Guide for real idiots
Linux isn’t your thing? Good news! imToken has added Cosmos which allows Atom holders to stake from their iOS or Android devices. Oh the times we live in!
COSMOS Staking & Token Transfers now on imToken
Events and talks
Rebuild conference (April 23rd)
Ethan Buchman spoke at Rebuild in Toronto last week. His animated talk titled Stakeholders and State Machines examines how our shared reality is about the Universe running down gradients in a great process of dissipation… Confused? Watch the talk, it’s wonderful 😁
Rebuild Day 1 PM Live stream
Rebuild Day 1 PM Live stream
Recolor: She256 annual conference (April 28th)
Tendermint’s Head of Community Strategy, Chango Unchained, was part of the Open Source Panel at Recolor in Berkley .
[Cosmos has] taken the on-chain governance approach. I still think that it’s a highly experimental ecosystem. [Game of Stakes] tested the social layer of our on-chain governance. What we found was that it could be fragile and if the incentives were aligned correctly, then it would be more robust. But currently, stuff like that is very much in the trial and error stages. We don’t know if on-chain governance is the solution, but that is the approach that we are experimenting with.
Recolor: she256 Annual Conference 2019 (a block chain event) - 4/28/19
Recolor: she256 Annual Conference 2019 (a block chain event) - 4/28/19
Repository updates
The cosmos-sdk was updated to v0.34.3.
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Sébastien Couture

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