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Keeping Marketing Simple - CorrTek Marketing Mixer #67


CorrTek Marketing Mixer

January 4 · Issue #17 · View online

The industries most fascinating news, insights, and tactics (with oddly specific rants) from Dominic Corriveau.

This holiday season was busy for us. In a house with 4 kids, there is always something going on. Then, we were lucky enough to get a white Christmas here in the Puget Sound!
The snow is still here and I’m over dealing with it.
So I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few days thinking about warm sunshine and working in the garden, which is only about 100 days away.
I’m looking forward to a deep work winter, getting everything in position for my two new companies. What are you working on this winter? On April 1 what do you hope to have accomplished and ready for the Spring?

The Four C’s
I love this breakdown of the Cash App, in particular I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote:
“Cash App mastered the 4Cs of successful brand building - community, collaborations, content and curation - and turned them into its winning go-to-market strategy.”
Some quick thoughts.
Community gets thrown around a lot for marketing and if you are a D2C brand, it is essential. But for service companies who operate in a small geographic area, building a huge online community isn’t in the cards. In fact, it might work against you in some cases because you’ll end up dealing with people from outside your service area on a frequent basis. When I think of community for local service businesses I picture ways to turn customers into fans. You want people rooting for you and happy to see you succeed. You do this by making it easy for your customers to talk about you and your company.
Collaborations is a no brainer for any business. How can you work together with other local businesses? What other groups are looking for newsletter content, YouTube collaborations, and Instagram Live chats? It doesn’t have to be an influencer with millions of followers. What is another business you respect and might be able to work together with?
Content is tricky. You can’t just publish anything and think it will get traction. Quality of quantity and the amount you invest will dictate your success. If you think content is cheap or free, then you will get low to zero returns. Content is a long term investment with compound interest.
Curation and content are joined at the hip. You need to create great content and share awesome content from others. Lift up others who are doing good work.
You don’t have to do this every day. Start small, be consistent, and deliver quality.
Lessons from Cash App - The Sociology of Business
Twitter Interlude
Marcus Hutchins
I tried working out to improve my mental state and now I just have sore muscles as well as anxiety...
Get local in 2022
Another high quality guide from Moz, this time a complete walkthrough on all things local SEO. I’m confident that you steadily work through this guide over the next three months you will see results. What I like about it most is that it is very approachable, even for those you have little to no experience or don’t know where to start.
This is where I would start for any business.
The Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide (2021) - Moz
Link building is the hardest part
An amazing Twitter thread of resources for doing link building. Not gonna lie, link building is hard and takes a lot of work. But it is all worth it as nothing will drive up traffic and rankings faster than even just a few quality cross and back links.
The only thing I caution if you are looking at link building is if you are investing in content appropriately as well. You can’t promise a beach resort and give them Motel 6. Quality link building starts with quality content.
Debbie Chew 🔗
Link building isn't easy, and it's not supposed to be.

Want to build better links in 2022?

Here are my favorite link building related content this year:
Tech and marketing sitting in a tree
n addition to all the marketing and coaching stuff you see here, I also write quite a lot about tech. I know… surprise, surprise.
This makes me a better marketer because I better understand the layer below consumer tech. It also makes me think more about writing content for people who are probably smarter than me about the topic.
I don’t write about the latest tech you can buy, because that is not challenging! So many tech authors just write about what you can buy (along with a few dozen affiliate links). I love to write about how I leverage tech to do what I want and to challenge my biases.
This is my latest tech piece, all about my favorite stuff from 2021 and how I almost exclusively use open-source software for everything.
My favorite tech finds of 2021 - Obscured Narration
How do you want to be defined? | Get Better
At the beginning of the year, we are often in reflection mode. Something I think about a lot is…
Who am I? What do I stand for? How do I want to be defined?
We get lost in positions, titles, income, and status symbols. This is especially true in corporate environments where often our brand matters more than the work we do. We have all experienced watching someone move up the corporate ladder knowing they do less or inferior work, but know how to manipulate the office politics.
We shouldn’t let anyone else define us. Our definition is what we say to ourselves. It is what we see in the mirror, not what others pin to us. Our definition is created by the work we do, the positive actions we take, the more we lift up others, and what we say to ourselves.
What helped me was writing down how I wanted to be defined. It was a short list, but I wrote down what kind of person I wanted to be. Then, I looked at the actions I was taking and the tasks I was doing and compared them to my definition. Where these actions matching my definition?
If not, I need to stop. If yes, I need to do more of it.
Once I had my definition I could compare my actions and tasks to see if it matched. Doing this helped me identify what is important in my life and to do more important things.
Just don’t be too hard on your past self. There is no reason to look backwards, you are not going that direction.
Now that you have your definition, how can you live it?
Finding your definition | Leadership - Coaching - Life
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