What You Can Do To Help Create More Events - Copenhagen - Issue #78

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The insider newsletter for tech and startup events in Greater Copenhagen (that means Malmö too).

If you want to help bring more events to Copenhagen, here’s a couple of things you can do:
1. Help the organizers find spaces to host and people to pay for the pizza/beer/soda.
2. Spreading the word about the Digest. Events need help getting noticed and success breeds success. Organizers like big crowds.
3. Create great content. Speak at events. Encourage others to speak. Connect great speakers with organizers.
Malmö and Stockholm have ‘homes for startup/tech events’ where organizers don’t have to stress finding a place to hold their event or even having to find someone to pay for the food and drinks. Copenhagen does not. Maybe it’s time it did.
If you’re a startup looking to raise money, keep a close eye on the list of investor events updated by the amazing Zenia Francker, Director of Investments at Digital Hub Denmark.
Please use the “suggest an event” link found at the top and bottom of this newsletter or email nick@thestartupdigest.com to share an event. Complaints and questions about any of the above go to the same address.

Transition to a Sustainable Supply Chain - Tuesday, 17 May at 0830
Ledarskap för entreprenörer | Goto 10 - Tuesday, 17 May at 1200
Programmera Färgstark LED-belysning | Goto 10
The State of AI | Foo Café - Tuesday, 17 May at 1730
Nordic Demo Day - Malmö 2022 - Tuesday/Wednesday, 17-18 May
Hur stärker vi demokratin i en digital tid? | Goto 10 - Wednesday, 18 May at 0830
The Meeting of the Socials: the importance of Social Sciences whilst developing Social Robots | Goto 10 - Wednesday, 18 May at 1200
Visual Studio 2022 tools - Wednesday, 18 May at 1600
Skapa din egen podd! | Goto 10 - Thursday, 19 May at 1800
PR for Startups | Goto 10 - Friday, 20 May at 1200
Att vara lika är inte alltid att vara rätt! | Goto 10 - Monday, 23 May at 1200
Startup Coffee Meetup | Goto 10 - Tuesday, 24 May at 0800
Startup Dojo S10E09 | Goto 10 - Thursday, 25 May at 1730
Green Impact Week 2022 - Monday/Tuesday, 30-31 May
AirBnB as passive income and helping Ukrainian refugees, understanding Sweden's housing crisis | Goto 10 - Monday, 30 May at 1800
SaturdaysAI DemoDay 1st edition | Machine Learning - Saturday, 4 June at 1000
Open Innovation Inclusion - Finals - DTU Skylab - Wednesday, 8 June at 1730
Azure Analytics End to End - Wednesday, 8 June at 1730
ESG data strategy: building effective ESG measurement, integration and disclosure - Thursday, 16 June at 0830
National Startup Competition X Venturecup - Copenhagen Science City - Wednesday, 22 June
European Sitecore Road Trip + MVP Awards Ceremony - Tuesday, 28 June at 1730
Startup Dojo S10E10 - Thursday, 30 June at 1730
TechBBQ - Wednesday-Thursday, 14-15 September
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