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The insider newsletter for tech and startup events in Greater Copenhagen (that means Malmö too).

Thursday is one of those days. Half a dozen planners thought it looked like the perfect day to hold an event and now there is no excuse to stay home. Enjoy!
Sign up for the next CPH Townhall on 7 April (link). This is exactly the recurring big tent event every community needs and we’re glad The Association of Tech Startups in Denmark is doing it. We’re going.
The name of the organization could use some help, however. Any name that requires a deep breath before saying it is too long. Yes, naming things is hard and we know this is at least the third or fourth attempt at an organization to represent Danish tech startups, but that many smart people can do better. Monty Python has, as usual, the last word on the subject.
If you’re a startup looking to raise money, keep a close eye on the list of investor events updated by the amazing Zenia Francker, Director of Investments at Digital Hub Denmark.
Please use the “suggest an event” link found at the top and bottom of this newsletter or email to share an event. Complaints and questions about any of the above go to the same address.

Startup Coffee Meetup | Goto 10 - Tuesday, 29 March at
Put some Power into your Portals | Foo Café - Wednesday, 30 March at 1730
Tech Talk x COBOD - Thursday, 31 March at 1700
How can Play Design overlap with UX // UX Talk - Thursday, 31 March at 1830
Three Strategies to Tackle Big Data in R - Live - Thursday, 31 March at 1730
Modern cyber security strategies | Foo Café - Tuesday, 5 April at 1745
Introducing rule-based refactoring | Foo Café - Thursday, 7 April at 1730
Django Day Copenhagen 2022 - Friday, 8 April at 0900
Copenhagen MatchUp - 25-26 April
PT Copenhagen: Are you being disrupted? - Tuesday, 26 April at 2000
Nudging the Quality | Foo Café - Thursday, 5 May at 1730
TechBBQ - Wednesday-Thursday, 14-15 September
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