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The insider newsletter for tech and startup events in Greater Copenhagen (that means Malmö too).

The calendar is packed. Hooray for vaccinations and pandemics being under control - at least for now.
We’ve been beating the drum for a Copenhagen home for startup and tech events like they have in Malmö (See Goto 10 and Fooc Café). It turns out Stockholm also has one of these ‘homes for startup/tech events’ where organizers don’t have to stress finding a place to hold their event or even having to find someone to pay for the food and drinks. Imagine how much stronger the community would be, if the grass roots event organizers only had to focus on great content and building stronger communities.
If you’re a startup looking to raise money, keep a close eye on the list of investor events updated by the amazing Zenia Francker, Director of Investments at Digital Hub Denmark.
Please use the “suggest an event” link found at the top and bottom of this newsletter or email to share an event. Complaints and questions about any of the above go to the same address.

Easter egg fun day // CPHUX - Tuesday, 19 April at 1700
eXtreme Tuesday Klub (Hosted by the LEGO group) - Tuesday, 19 April at 1700
How may AI be used to promote learning? | Foo Café - Tuesday, 19 April at 1730
Copenhagen Ruby Brigade - Talks and social night at Zendesk - Wednesday, 20 April at 1700
StartupTalk #40: The I in Team: How to Thrive as a High-Performing Founder - PSV Academy - Thursday, 21 April at 1700
IDA Startup Nights: Crowdfunding experience from Casju and Tempty Foods - Thursday, 21 April at 1800
Machine learning at scale - Thursday, 21 April at 1800
Power BI Community Tour - 2022 - København - Monday, 25 April at 0830
Random Hacks of Kindness Hackathon Intro Night - Monday, 25 April at 1730
Copenhagen MatchUp - 25-26 April
A Night of Hacking Talks - Spoofs and CTFs - Tuesday, 26 April at 1700
PT Copenhagen: Are you being disrupted? - Tuesday, 26 April at 2000
Work with refinements - Wednesday, 27 April at 1500
Two women in tech: A story of change | Foo Café - Wednesday, 27 April at 1730
Law, Innovation & Vulnerability Conference - Thursday, 28 April at 0830
Webdevelopers - Thursday, 28 April at 1800
Matchmaking: Biotechnology X UCPH Science - Copenhagen Science City - Friday, 29 April at 1230
Health Tech Showcase & Friday Bar at HTHC - Friday, 29 April at 1530
Interreg Program Kickoff - Tuesday, 3 May at 0900
Leading from the Boardroom - 1:1 Conversations With Women in the Boardroom - PSV Academy - Wednesday, 4 May at 0900
Copenhagen React May Meetup! - Wednesday, 4 May at 1715
V2 Security 2022 X Version2 - Wednesday/Thursday, 4-5 May
Nudging the Quality | Foo Café - Thursday, 5 May at 1730
IT Career fair X University of Copenhagen - Copenhagen Science City - Friday, 6 May at 1230
Global Azure 2022 | Foo Café - Saturday, 7 May at 1000
Nordic Demo Day - Malmö 2022 - Tuesday/Wednesday, 17-18 May
National Startup Competition X Venturecup - Copenhagen Science City - Wednesday, 22 June
TechBBQ - Wednesday-Thursday, 14-15 September
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