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Autumn Holiday - Copenhagen - Issue #51





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The insider newsletter for tech and startup events in Greater Copenhagen (that means Malmö too).

A big wave of events washed over us last week and we’re pedaling as fast as we can to catch up. In-real-life events are back with a vengance in Copenhagen.
In other news, half of the country left the country because this is autumn holiday week and, now that most people are vaccinated, we’re free to move around the planet.
Here’s the Digital Hub Denmark list of investor events by Zenia Francker. Scroll down for the calendar. (Use the link, if you see something missing.)
Please use the “suggest an event” link found at the top and bottom of this newsletter or email to share an event. Complaints and questions about any of the above go to the same address.
Get vaccinated, wash your hands, and change the damn gender investment ratio!
And wear sunscreen. Trust us on this.

eXtreme Tuesday Klub in-person @ Maersk, Tuesday, 19 October at 1700
ML Ops in production - Real life learnings! - Tuesday, 19 October at 1730
In the mind of an impact investor - Wednesday, 20 October at 1130
Catching anomalies in power monitoring - Wednesday, 20 October at 1730
Investor Fireside Chat with Carey Smith from Unorthodox Ventures - Thursday, 21 October at 1400
Global AI Back Together - Copenhagen - Thursday, 21 October at 1700
Conquering UI Design // UX Book Passion Talk - Monday, 25 October at 1800
Evolution of Cloud Security Solutions - Tuesday, 26 October at 1700
Xamarin Meetup - Wednesday, 27 October at 1700
Three strategies to tackle Big Data in Python and R - Wednesday, October 27 at 1730
DTU Startup Day - Wednesday, 28 October at 0900
Scrum Patterns: More Than About Sucking a Little Less with Jim Coplien - Thursday, 28 October at 1700
React Meetup - Thursday, 28 October at 1730
AEC HACKATHON @ BLOXHUB 2021 - Building a better future - Friday, 29 October at 1600
Entrepreneurs Book Club - Zero to One, by Peter Thiel - Saturday, 30 October at 1600
Open Door #31 - Get 1:1 feedback from experienced investors - PSV Academy -  Wednesday, 3 November at 0900
NFT Explained - Friday, 5 November at 1630
Implementing GitOps best practices with Crossplane and ArgoCD - Monday, 08 November at 1730
E-learning vs. on site learning - Tuesday, 09 November at 1730
SDG Tech Awards 2021: The Ultimate Celebration of Sustainable Technologies! - Wednesday, 10 November at 1300
Digital Tech Summit 2021 – Tuesday, 30 November - Wednesday, 1 December
Intro to Neo4j, the Data Science Graph database - Wednesday, 01 December at 1730
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