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Weekly newsletter of Consonance Club - Issue #1

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
We are back from the Panasonic O! (Again)

We are back!
We are back!
We are back from the Panasonic O!
Yes, so the *Panasonic hit us and we became temporary sleeping beauties, but we’re back baby!
We know you missed us, we missed you too.
The Consonance newsletter is back and we have a lot of good stuff coming your way. From tech highlights to opportunities to talk about startups, tools and everything you need to know; we solemnly swear we will be in your emails every week giving you learning resources, information and opportunities. 
Despite the fact that our newsletter was self-quarantining for a while, the Consonance Club was very much awake. We’ve continued on our mission of helping young developers and tech enthusiasts define their career paths in the tech industry. 
We recently concluded our partnership with Enyata for ProjectBuild where we gave out 50 MacBooks to young developers in Nigeria (see pre-released video) and we are excited to see what the future holds for us and the community. 
Enyata Build Up
Like Kelvin once said
“We aren’t fortune tellers, we can’t tell what the future holds, but we are sure of one thing, if we stick together and remain supportive in our different journeys, we will be alright and maybe, just maybe, have made a difference in the continent at the end of our days on earth”
With all that said and done, we need your supportive hands on this journey. Hook us up with your tech friends that need this newsletter and get them to subscribe. Follow us on all our social media platforms and engage on Twitter and Instagram, if you aren’t already. 
Let’s play, learn and build together.
Have a lovely week ahead and stay safe.
We recently published an article on NFTs, check the link below and share.
PS : You might have gotten this mail before, we recently switched from Sendgrid to Revue(We think Revue is cooler) we thought to publish it again for those just joining us to get a wind of what we are up to. Our regular weekly newsletter is still scheduled for tomorrow. 👌
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Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter @

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