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Wahala be like iPhone 12 Pro! - Issue #4

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
We know you know about the issue that happened on Twitter concerning the MacBooks we shared in collaboration with Enyata. 

We know you know about the issue that happened on Twitter concerning the MacBooks we shared in collaboration with Enyata. 
If you didn’t know about the issue, we’ll tell you by starting from the very beginning.
Enyata, in collaboration with Consonance Club, started Project BuildUp which aims to provide 10,000 techies with resources to help them grow in the industry.
The first cohort was launched and out of 5000 applicants, 50 deserving young developers and designers were awarded MacBooks and provided with a 6-month PluralSight subscription in December 2020.   
Last week, an uproar erupted on Twitter when it became public knowledge that one of the winners of the MacBook sold it…get this…to buy an iPhone 12 Pro. 
This was a message from Kelvin to the awardees:
Hi everyone, 
You’ve probably seen the conversations on Twitter. Best believe that no one is coming for you even if you sold the laptop. 
Enyata (+Consonance) decided to support the tech community by giving out the MacBooks to you for one singular purpose - to support your growth. 
What you decide to do with the laptop is ultimately up to you as the organizations decided not to hold you to any bound - no contract signed (this wasn’t an oversight but a deliberate decision). We only strongly recommend that you use it for the purpose for which it was given. 
If you had a genuine reason to sell it, that’s your decision and we hope that it was worth your growth and journey. I haven’t caught up with most of the conversations online but I wanted to come here to assure you that you have nothing to worry about - either you’re using it or you sold it. 
Have a great weekend people and keep learning. The community is looking up to you.🙏🏾
Project BuildUp set out on a mission to help the career of young techies and does not plan to stop this anytime soon - follow @enyatacommunity on Twitter to stay updated on the project. 
The best we can do is to provide the resources/support and hope the tech community grows immensely as a result of this. How the techies decide to use the resources is solely their choice and something we have no control over - especially if there is no signed legal agreement. 
Talking about what the techies decide to do with the resources, let’s share what some other awardees have done with their Macbooks & how it has helped them.
“Before Enyata, I was studying Animal Sciences in OAU. My Dad has been trying to get me to go back to school and study Medicine. Me, I don’t even want to go back to a Nigerian school, let alone study Medicine of all things. I don’t like book like that.
I’d tried to get my dad to key into my tech journey by telling him some of my achievements like I’m the team lead for this, I’ve won this number of tech competitions, etc. but it didn’t move him one bit. 
He’s even seized my gadgets before and my laptop was really bad. 
It had battery and screen issues. Literally half of my screen was red and I couldn’t even ask them to help me get a new one. 
When I heard that I won, I told my dad and he was ecstatic. This man actually went to buy me a suit and he followed me all the way to Lagos to receive the Mac. 
Now, he’s always asking about my tech life. So Enyata saved me from Medicine and improved my relationship with my dad. Thank you.”
— Amazing Grace
Before I got the MacBook, my parents really didn’t understand my tech journey, or why I stayed up late coding, etc.
I don’t think they’re even fully on board, but whenever they express doubt, I remind them that it is tech that got me MacBook o. So, they’re a bit lenient now.
Also, my previous laptop was a pain in the ass. There were some courses that I just couldn’t take because it had battery issues. Now, I can take my courses with peace, even though school dey chokes person life.’
— Paul
“I’d been saving for a laptop for most of 2020.
I had an internship that was paying 40k and then another that paid 60k. Saving up was really hard. 
It was a friend of mine that encouraged me to apply. I won but she didn’t. Since I’d saved up around 100k, I gave it to her for a new laptop. Another friend of ours, who also won a Mac, gave her 50k she was saving to get a laptop. Technically, all 3 of us got laptops. Thanks, Enyata. You made a friendship group really happy.”
— Busayo
“Winning the MacBook was the first big thing my parents saw me do with all the code that I’ve been writing.
They rate me in that house now and they’ve stopped asking me why I stay up late.
I’ve also gone from being unemployed to having 3 jobs because I can do more work with my Mac. Enyata has been a blessing to me”
— Bimmie
“I didn’t sell my MacBook o. I gave it to my younger sister.
We both applied actually but she wasn’t chosen. I gave it to her because I feel that she is more deserving. Before I won the MacBook, we used to share my laptop but now that I gave it to her, she’s grown so much that she’s working with an international company as a product designer. 
Right now, she’s going into blockchain design and design systems, so I don’t regret giving it to her.
For me, I’m using my old laptop and learning how to code. By God’s grace, I’ll be able to gather money and get a better one for myself.”
— Blessing
“I’ve always wanted to learn how to build mobile apps. Now, that I have a Mac, I’ve started building mobile apps with Flutter. I and my friends are even working on a project: 
What Enyata has done is to give me a leap to believe in myself.”
— Ifedayo
We remain elated about what we were able to accomplish together with Enyata and extremely proud of all the beneficiaries and their growth so far. Look out for the next! We will keep at it and hope that the seed we sow, sprouts healthily to benefit generations to come.
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