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The Vandalization of Nigerian Pipelines. - Issue #2

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
Did you know that in recent times, vandalization has been a prominent feature of the news coming out of Nigeria?

Vandalise it
Vandalise it
Did you know that in recent times, vandalization has been a prominent feature of the news coming out of Nigeria? 
You did?
Oil pipeline vandalization is a problem that has plagued Nigeria for a long time and frankly we’re not happy about it.
Apparently, it’s not only one type of pipeline that’s being vandalized in Nigeria.
But the other pipeline: the tech talent pipeline is being vandalized or say, disrupted and we love this one!
You know how you are expected to do certain things at different stages of life: go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, disturb your kids to have kids? 
Yeah, tech talents also have a pipeline - a path your career follows as a newbie till you get into the big leagues.
The old pipeline had people YouTubing their way around or in a few instances, learning software engineering in a Nigerian university.
It worked for some but this pipeline was largely unstructured and it taught the skill but not the ropes.
Neither did it teach young devs how to scale in the global market. 
However, things have changed with the influx of developer communities, startups and programmes, with the sole aim of training young developers.
Developer communities like Forloop, CCHub, Consonance Club, DevCenter, have done pretty amazing stuff in this regard.
Startups like Andela, Decagon, Semicolon, Talent QL have made the talent pipeline become accessible to more young Nigerians, trained young devs, set them up with places of employment and pitch them into the global market.
Andela’s model has changed now from training junior developers to hiring senior developers, however in its young talent prime, it did a lot for junior developers.
The HNG Internship  and Dev Careers have been contributing their quota in disrupting the pipeline.
The future of the tech talent pipeline will probably not even be a pipeline, it’d be a blank canvas with different entry points, because gbogbo wa la ma je breakfast.
It would also seek to protect newbies from unfair or exploitative talent pipeline platforms. 
This is very important because there have been allegations of talent exploitation against certain organisations in the talent pipeline.
Late last year, news about talent exploitation from WeJapa caused a stir on social media and quite recently, accusations were made against Utiva.
The main feature the newbie techie in 2021 will need is actually access to information and tools to fact check opportunities or organisations before they join.
Opportunities spring up every day and most times, they spring up where others are not looking. You can bet that at Consonance Club, we have our eyes and ears everywhere and that’s why we are always here to help.
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Here are some other opportunities we thought to share with you this week: 
Wizeline is starting a certification course  for female software engineers. 
Data Science Nigeria is hiring interns
Backdrop is looking for backend engineers and product designers.
Bundle Africa is recruiting a Blockchain Engineer. 
ULesson is looking for undergrads and graduates who are ready to solve questions for secondary school students on its app. 
Premier Hub is now accepting applications for te I-Startup Southwest 3.0 and the Lagos Startup Challenge
Registration for the Reesby Global Hackathon and Tech Workshop has started.
Oh, by the way, you should follow us on Instagram and Twitter, so you can stay updated with happenings in the community. 
Stay on top of your game, champ!
Sending you ❤️➕🔅
From Sam and Tushgeek of Consonance.
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