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Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
Hey, how are you doing? Has it been raining on your side?
Omo, rain beat shege and bastid on me the other day o. 😭We thank the universe for small mercies like duvets and ogbono soup with amala.🥺
Anyway, today we’re rounding up on no code tools, but I need to say something important. Me and you, we’ve been doing this Consonance journey for 6 months now! 🥳
Ok, fine, I know you’ve probably been here for much longer, but I started taking this journey with you 6 months ago!🥂
I know you’re asking how we’re going to celebrate it. Great question.
 Here’s the list of activities:
1.      Go to any bar of your choice, order one glass of Pure Heavens (I don’t take alcohol, so it’s either you take Pure Heavens or Chamdor) tell them that Precious from Consonance will pay for it.🌚
2.       Go and follow Consonance Club on Twitter and send us a shoutout. We dey try na.🤧
3.       I have a juicy interview topic coming up on our next newsletter. Drop your opinions when you see it on our Twitter page. 
4.       Do not engage in any fornicative activities this weekend🙏. Thanks.👀
So, back to the gist of the newsletter. Asides from using no code tools as a means to make money or using it to make your work faster if you’re a developer, another very important use of no code tools are to learn the ropes of being an intentional man or woman.
So, let’s say you’re a tech bro or sis and there’s a person you like and you’re wondering what to do for this person’s birthday or get their attention, just think of a no code solution.
People have used specially curated websites to propose or ask people out. Some have helped their crush to automate a process in their business operations or supported their hustle one way or the other, using no code.
Thinking about it, it’s a low-cost solution with immense emotional benefits. 
PS: I’m not teaching you to look for cheap solutions o.😒 I taught you better than that. Thanks.
This advice of mine is pretty dope if you deep it, because it’s a win-win. 
I mean if you win the person’s heart – WIN.
If you chop L and you can channel that energy into learning no code and build amazing stuff – WIN.
If you read the Heartbreak Anniversary edition of this newsletter, you will remember the sheer number of people that built startups or great stuff based on the motivation from heartbreaks.
Additionally, that app that gives you a fake call to get out of a bad date can be built using a no code tool. 
As an aside, we need more people to enter the world of no-code. There are some apps that we need that haven’t been created. For example, we need to be able to transmit aroma over the phone, send digitally sent but physically felt slaps,, read a book through osmosis, transfer labour and period pain etc. We need more people in no code. After all, the possibilities are endless.
Anyhoo, I’ll be highlighting some no code tools you can check out because they are awesome!
1. Bubble
Bubble is great for those that want to build web apps without knowing a line of code. If you have a simple knowledge of the process of photo editing or playing mobile games, using Bubble shouldn’t be hard for you. You’re mostly just dragging and dropping things.
Bubble is easy to use, has many use cases with an extensive library and is affordable. One other cool thing about Bubble is that you can easily customisable and Bubble will help you host and deploy your product.
2. Adalo
Adalo is a tool used to build apps, with an awesome visual user experience. It has many tutorials available that are easy to follow and you can actually publish your app to the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It costs money but it’s not as expensive as hiring a developer full time. For real.
3. Webflow
I’m pretty sure that if you look in the mirror and say no code 5 times, Webflow will appear. Webflow is a pretty popular tool and it’s majorly used to test and launch really cool, responsive websites. It has a pretty decent interface and has a wide library of templates.
There are honestly no limits with Webflow as it’s one of the most customizable tools out there. One cool perk Webflow has is that compared to the other tools, it has a large community and many learning resources available. Also, it is free to use till you’re ready to launch your website.
4. Voiceflow
So, Voiceflow is one of a kind. It’s exclusively for creating voice applications. You can literally create voice applications for Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri. If you watch Little Black Book (the YouTube web series), you’ll know that the main character has a voice assistant called Alero. We need more of those. Let’s customize our voice Assistant. Let’s have  Haruna, Chuks, Shaggi etc, izz not every time Alexa.
But that’s not where the fun ends. You can use Voiceflow to create chatbots on your app or website without code. This is great for customer support and Voiceflow is pretty easy to use with great UI and tutorials to get you through.
5. as the name implies is that no code tool used to set up automated processes.  Cool thing? Big guys like Uber, Adobe use
So, what’s the big deal about It integrates with about 200 different apps. 
With you can sync data between apps, create complex workflows spanning across multiple apps and so many other cool stuff,
You can also build responsive bots with Its bots refresh themselves regularly, so you can be sure that it’ll solve problems and take action automatically. 
It has both free and paid plans.
6. Universe
Universe is a no code tool that is also used to create websites. The greatest feature of Universe is that it takes so little time and you can use it to create websites on your mobile phone. Universe is really great for people like content creators that just need minimalistic websites. It also includes site analytics, custom domain and email support, mailing list features etc.
7. UserGuiding
UserGuiding is basically for onboarding. So, let’s say you’ve used a no code tool to build a website, the next question remains how to get new users to use your website maximally and always come back? You can solve the problem for yourself or others using UserGuiding.
UserGuding will help you set up product tours, user guides, onboarding checklists, highlight features, in app messages, get customer feedback etc., without the need to code anything!
And that’s it for today folks!
See you next week. I’m serious. We’re having one of our juicy interview sessions next week. 
PS: NoCode9ja (a Nigerian, no code community) is having a 30 day Bubble teaching/learning sprint. Click here to join.
Stay Warm🥶,
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