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Peru, Para - Issue #24

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
Won ni won wa mi, won ni won wa mi..I’m in San Francisco jamming….

Ed Sheeran and Fireboy DML
Ed Sheeran and Fireboy DML
Heyyyyy 👻👻
(Brings out my ze Bluetooth de wise is readyy to pearl)
Won ni won wa mi, won ni won wa mi..I’m in San Francisco jamming….
I know. I know. I know you’ve been looking for me. 
I’ve gotten a few messages, seen a few posts like this one..asking about me (well, more like the newsletter, but you get the drift)
Been a while I received @ConsonanceClub newsletters

I guess something hooooooge is in the works
Well, my loves, I’m fine. I survived 2021. Didn’t catch Covid or Omalicha. Made it to 2022. Yassss. 
I apologize for leaving you for a bit. See, there’s no need to fret, I’m back for the year. 
Surely, I will never leave you nor forsake you comrades……
Anyway, let’s take a look back at what we did last year, shall we?
2021 Rewind.
We started our newsletter relationship in April 2021.
We announced that we were back from the Panasonic in April, then we went on to release a total of 20 newsletters within the year.
Apparently, you are an amebo comrade. 
We have gisted about Intentional Men, Heartbreak & Premium Breakfasts,  the bros that said React was a useless language, the kasala that box with the hanti that sold the Macbook she won from Enyata to buy iPhone 13. 🌚
We also talked about more serious stuff like frontend and backend development, the rudiments of design, the tech talent pipeline, the art of being a techie amongst other things.
We did have a good time together. All 5000 + of us. 🥂
The way @ConsonanceClub titles their e-mails ehn... 0 payan, 0 pefon, 0tapiapia!...DFKM🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅
@ConsonanceClub has the most friendly and interesting newsletters. I actually always look forward to them. They also add job opportunities at the end and that’s an icing on the cake.
The person behind @ConsonanceClub newsletter deserves a slap, a hug, and a raise.
And Here We Are Now.
With me, welcoming you back to the new year. 
Many of us resumed ‘Kindly find attached’ and ‘Can you jump on a quick call’ this week.. 
All the best to those that are freelancers and the serious tech bros amongst us that never went on a Christmas break. 
Pele my dears. The Lord is your collective musculs. 💪
Before I leave you, let me tell you about the stuff we have lined up for this year. 
We’re having more newsletters, increasing the team, hosting Twitter Spaces so that we can do some of these gists live and direct……
Then, who knows we might do an event sometime within the year (don’t say I told you this o)🤭
I’m not going to be doing all these wonderful things alone sha. My fine girl needs to look good in Dior, therefore we are expanding the team with our incubation programme! 🚀
Consonance Incubation Programme
What we’re doing with the Consonance Incubation Programme is pretty simple:
  1. We’re expanding the scope of what we’re doing as a community. More content, community activities and events, so we need superstars to join us on this
  2. We’ve noticed that there isn’t really a pipeline for Community managers & content writers in the industry. So, we want to do something about that. 
  3. We want talented beginners or people with minimal experience to join us. Basically you can learn the ropes on the job, get creative, gain work experience and pivot to the next stage of your career through the many amazing people in Consonance. 
  4. Lastly, you’ll be working with me. I don’t care what haters say, but that’s a job perk. 😉😌
PS: These are volunteer positions o. Sure, there is a little ‘thanks for coming & owo epo’ that comes every month, but na volunteer work. Tenks.
If this sounds like something you wanna do, please click here or share this newsletter with someone that needs it. 
Till I see you in about a week, happy work week my dear and a happy new day to the freelancers amongst us.  
May your blood never run dry. 🤌
Opportunities and Events.
Lots of ❤️,
Precious from Consonance.
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Consonance Club Newsletter
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