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Omo, they said React is a useless library o - Issue #7

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
Omo, they said React is a useless library o.

Do you know how they say the universe will connive to make things work for you? Well, that happened to our newsletter. 
So, the team had scheduled writing about beginner friendly frontend tools for devs because that’s one FAQ that never stops popping up. 
Apparently, there’s a saturated tool market and this leaves newbies confused with questions like: Where do I start from? What exactly should I learn that will not confuse my brain? Which of these tools will help me cash out?  etc.
So, by a stroke of luck or coincidence, something happened on tech twitter.
Someone wrote this:
It sparked many arguments and got some people in their feelings. 
Someone literally created a burner account to troll the poster (don’t do that kids)
The tech industry can be a cruise sometimes. 
From our arguments about Tabs and Spaces to whether or not Canva is a professional design tool, arguments about tool preferences always come up.
So, we’ll actually discuss these frontend frameworks and your opinion will be entirely yours. 
There are 3 fundamentals to frontend development: HTML, CSS. JavaScript. 
If you want to learn, learn in this order. There’s no way you’re escaping any of these. 
HTML basically has to do with the user interface with the screens. It deals with the structure of your page. 
CSS does more work with colour, font, spacing etc. It’s the part that dabbles into the design. 
JavaScript on the other hand helps to build web and mobile applications. It has libraries and it sends and receives data from the backend. 
Based on street intel, JavaScript is the hardest of the 3 to learn. 
Frontend Frameworks.
JavaScript has 3 ‘popular’ frontend frameworks: Angular, React and Vue
Consider them as triplets that came out in that order. They share the same mum: JavaScript but different dads.  
No cap, there’s actually a real thing where twins can be birthed by different fathers. It’s called heteropaternal superfecundation. (Not a necessary piece of information but that’s exactly why you love Consonance 😌)
Angular was developed by Google, React by Facebook and Vue was developed by a former employee at Google: Evan You. They’re all open source. 
On the question of whether or not one of these triplets is useless, the candid answer is no. It’s not even fair, the oldest of these triplets was born in 2010. Don’t be rude to kids.😒😒
The real metrics for a newbie to consider when checking out these Javascript babies are these: Features, use case, migrations, performance, data binding, scripting, testing, community support, demand etc.
Use Case.
React: Twitter, Air BNB, Tesla, Instagram
Angular: Upwork, PayPal, Sony.
Vue: Alibaba, Grammarly, Gitlab.
React is by far the most popular of the 3 in terms of downloads and job searches. This is followed by Angular and then Vue. (According to Google Trends)
Using a GitHub star metric to rate popularity, Vue has done really good for itself. 
React is the most stable of the lot. Angular plans major updates every six months. Migrating to Vue is pretty easy. 
React definitely has the biggest community but all 3 have their fair share of having contributors and GitHub repos. 
Again, Vue is the least of the lot, but that’s understandable, it’s the last born. 
React is a frontend JavaScript library while Angular and Vue are frameworks. 
React is used to develop single page, mobile and web applications while Angular and Vue are more restricted to creating user interfaces and single-page applications. 
React and Angular are great for large scale apps. 
Vue and React have great speed.
React is perfect for websites that need SEO. 
Vue is great for lightweight apps and integration.
The entire argument ends on the table of why you’re learning and what you’re learning for.
The problem people often face is simply because they don’t understand JavaScript as a language. If you focus on understanding JavaScript properly, the frameworks will become easier to learn.
You also need to remember that there’s always going to be new updates, new tools and you will always need to continue learning. 
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Stay adventurous!
Precious from Consonance.
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