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Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps - Issue #8

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
Last week, Fireboy DML was making headlines. How? Well, he didn’t release a new song, but he single-handedly predicted a mood board for crypto enthusiasts last week, with his album titles. 
They went from laughter to tears and goosebumps because the market had seen some serious red from Apollo. (Please, just scream, ‘don’t leave me!!!’ My joke must not waste)
So, before we delve into our discussion on this newsletter, let’s have a minute of silence for the mental health of our crypto buddies in the Consonance Club community.🤧
Things will get better, you hear? 
Stay strong! Keep Holding!! To the moon!!!🚀
Yes, where were we? 
Last week’s newsletter discussed the 3 major frontend frameworks, and now, we’ll talk about the best beginner-friendly tools to learn these frontend frameworks. 
I promise we’re ditching these frontend guys after this issue of the newsletter.
HTML is important to the frontend because it determines the structure of web pages. We’re talking about sections, headings, paragraphs, links etc. Some of the best tools available for HTML include:
Sublime is free and you can use it across Windows, Linux and Mac. The great thing about Sublime Text is its shortcuts which allows you to make simultaneous editing in real-time.
Notepad++ is free, opensource and one of the best text and code editors out there. It has plugins for literally anything and it supports more than 50 programming languages.
VS Code is a text editor. It allows you to install extensions. It gives access to the terminal. You can create folders, components, directories and install software extensions with VS Code. It works great with Angular and React.
CSS is the framework responsible for the aesthetics of your web page or application. It handles the fonts, color, layout designs, spacing etc. Some friendly tools you can try out for CSS are: 
Bootstrap is a UI toolkit. It comes with CSS and HTML design templates, complete with typography, forms, buttons, tables etc.
Figma is a free, web-based app that’s great for designing UI, wireframing websites etc. and it’s great for beginners.
It’s open-source and it works on Linux, Windows and Mac.
Styled components let you write CSS in JavaScript and it works great with React. It’s great for styling, props and theming.
JavaScript is the real deal and it’s probably the most complex amongst the frontend frameworks. It’s the dude that’s primarily responsible for creating web and mobile applications.
These are some tools that can help you with JavaScript: 
Webpack bundles your application and all its dependencies into one file. Your apps become lighter and better organised with Webpack. 
So, everyone knows JavaScript is problematic. jQuery is like the Jerry to Javascript’s Tom. For every problem encountered on JavaScript, you can find a solution with jQuery. jQuery helps to reduce the amount of code you’d have normally used with JavaScript. It’s a life and a time saver. Literally. 
Postman is a great app for API development. You can create workspaces and collections for building and creating APIs. Postman also helps you check out the health of your API.
You can store and manage your code on Git. The good thing about the gut is that it helps you track your code through every single change you might make to it and it allows you to reverse those changes if you so wish. 
You can make your public and private repos on Git and manage many projects at the same time. 
GitHub on the other hand helps you keep track of bugs, project management and project wikis.
Generally, you can learn any of these frameworks for free on any of these platforms
Some not so free ones but with great courses and resources:
If you’re tired of tutorials ehn, check these out:
Frontend Mentor is literally what it is: a frontend mentor. You get to build stuff, try out challenges, put everything you think you know to test and you also get feedback from other Devs. 
Style Stage helps with CSS a lot. Check it out and thank me later.
FP has a detailed curated list of great web pages and you basically have the challenge of trying to clone them. Cloning is one of the best ways to learn, right? Try it out. 
Remember that learning can be fun and it never ends.
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Have a green week!
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