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Hey. What’s up? I hope you’re good because I’ve missed you🤧.
Just in case you didn’t know, King of Boys 2 is gonna be out before the end of the week! 🤺
And speaking of KOB, what happened on Tuesday with the freezing of the accounts of some FINTECHs, is quite similar to one scene from Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys.
You know that clip where Sola Sobowale says;
Yorubas say 
‘olorun o ni je ka ri laburu’ 
you think they were talking about poverty, sickness or death? 
Hahaha. They were talking about me. I am Laburu.”
As it stands, we’re currently living in the real life version of that scene. 
The script sounds like this;
“Startup founders say
 ‘olorun o nije ka ri Laburu’ 
You think they were talking about poverty, sickness or death? 
Hahaha. They were talking about someone whose name rhymes with Teddy.
 Teddy is Laburu.”
E get one part of that quote, wey I wan add, but God no go shame us💀
I just hope we can find a lasting solution to the problem called unfair government policies. 
Because as I am like this, solution no dey my head. 🥲I shuu not even lie.
Anyway, let’s move on to the business of the day.
For today’s topic, I got on a call with Foluso Ayodele, a guy that is very invested in no-code and we had a long discussion about no code in Nigeria. 
PS: Receiving feedback from you guys has actually made me understand that Consonance Club is not only catering to developers now. 
The Consonance Club community spreads across people in different areas in tech and honestly that’s the fun part for me right.🥳
So, let’s get right into the discussion.
What Does No-Code Mean?
No code tools are basically tools that give people alternatives/less technical ways to build products or applications without writing code. 
Basically, it’s saying that you can create products without necessarily being a Dev. It means you create websites, automate stuff, create applications by just clicking, dragging & dropping things. 
No code is not a new fad though. It has always been here. However, like NFTs, No code tools are coming back with a big bang!
What Can No-Code Do?
No code as a field is still advancing but it’s limitless honestly. In fact, it’s very likely that you’ve used a no code platform or a no code enabled product before.
Some major areas that no code provides solutions for:
  • Building websites or apps: There are so many startups/companies that literally use no-code to offer website creation solutions to the average, non-technical person. Wix, Disha, Bumpa etc. all use no-code for their clients.
  • Automation: Nobody has time to check time, in this age and time (Barssss). A lot of automated processes especially in fast-paced environments are made available with No-code tools.
  • Project Management: I won’t talk too much about this. Have you seen the state of Notion’s work efficiency? You have? Finish. End of discussion.
  • Analytics: Data is hard to read and maybe harder to understand or analyze. Most eCommerce platforms use no-code tools to get analytics for their products or the stores on their platform.
The point of no code is this? Why should people be stressing devs over the most basic stuff?
 Isn’t the job of technology, to make our collective lives easier? Exactly.
No code makes life easier for product owners, techies and then normal people. Plus, it’s a largely unexplored field, so there’s plenty of money to be made dearrrrrs🤑🤑🤑
Low Code or No Code?
I’m sure you understand that English language is hard and life is not easy. This probably explains the confusion people often have with low code and no code.
A lot of platforms denge pose like no code tools, but na low code their life be. Example: WordPress.👹
In all truth and honesty, WordPress dey try, however, if you want to build something really solid with WordPress, you will need a smidgen of code knowledge. 
Let’s just face it. 
Do you think an unserious person like me like this, will sit down with WordPress and create something really cool with it? Without assistance or some technical know-how?
If your answer is yes, you’ve overrated me ni sha🤧🤧 Because I once sat in a WordPress class and I was as lost as a fly in the tail of a pig.
Will No Code Reduce the Demand for Developers?
Quick answer no. 
Sorry dears. There is nowhere you’re throwing devs to.😏 It’s like asking if Canva will reduce the need for graphic or brand designers.
Primarily, no code solutions are actually created by developers who wrote the code for these platforms or tools to function
The question to be asked actually is whether or not, no code can usher in a new influx of the general public into the Nigerian tech industry😏
All my lazy friends who still want to take a shot at the tech industry, you could check out no code today.
You are very welcome😌🤗
I need to add, before you people come for my head, that no code does not mean you will not work or you will not even need to learn some fundamentals. 
In fact, it’s probably best if you have some sort of technical knowledge and then you can stunt around with no code tools to save you some time.
 Anyway sha, no be me go tell you wetin you go do, so, bye.
See you in the next newsletter where we talk about specific no code tools you could start building with.
Who knows, no code could be your key to the dollar dollar bills your parched soul dost earnestly seek.🤧
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Stay jiggy🤺
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