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January Don Finish O!

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
Valentine is coming……

Hello people.
How are you doing? 
Like play, like play January is ending today, despite the anticipated delay.
Wait…. can you feel the wordplay? As I’m taking this the rhyme way? (Omo, I dey burst my own brain!💥😩)
The 104 days are finally over and it’s time to do a routine check-up. 
How Far?
What’s up with your new year resolutions abi na plans? 
The gym you said you wee take seriously this year? The course you said you will finish? The swimming lessons you were going to start?
Yes, I’m dragging you by your non-existent beards, Tunde, and by your big stomok Felicia 😏
We’re all in this together sha, because I’m dragging myself too. January has finished and I’ve not written my 2021 Year-in-review. Obara Jesus 😭
Anyway, let’s move on to less distressing topics like the sapa eradicating salaries many people have received by now(sinzuuuuus🚀) and the topic of today!
The topic of today is just me dropping useful resources from our community members and sharing them with you. This year, we continue on your journey to leveling up.
So that nobody wee comman start dragging world-class with us abeg.
Festoffost, everyone loves comrade memes. If you don’t you are bad vibes. Maybe someone hurt you when you were a kid. Check yourself my dear.
To my unproblematic comrades, there’s this Twitter bot @comradify on Twitter, that turns any image into a comrade meme.
A very good example.
Comradify Bot
@letlovelead__ Hello, find your image below 🙃 ID:2022-01-31 19:31:05.924060
Why am I sharing this? I’m sorry, I just think it’s really cool. 😎
One of our people swear by this platform that it provides lots of resources and learning support for people interested in Web3, Defi, Crypto, and Blockchain. You should check out their Discord channel if you’re curious.
Turing is a startup that uses AI to connect the world’s best developers to high-quality U.S. jobs. 
Firms like Johnson & Johnson, Dell, Disney, Coinbase, Rivian, Plume, and VillageMD, have hired remote engineering talent from Turing. 
Anyway, Turing is doing a thing.
They’re inviting developers from beginner to senior level, to the launch of the Turing Community happening on the 3rd of February.
They say if you’re part of the first 1000 people to RSVP and attend, you can receive a gift card for a purchase on Kobo. Click here to register.
In Conclusion my brothers & sisters.......
Dazzall I have for you this week. But before I go, comrades, I need to remind you that we haff basically enter February. 👀
Some of you have been single since we started this Consonance relationship last year and you will still be single on the 14th day of February. Omoeaux. Wahaleur.😂
I’m coming for you sha. No mercy. 😈
With lots of love,
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