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In the Beginning… - Issue #3

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
…God began developing.

In our last newsletter, we talked about the different entry points into the tech talent pipeline, now we’ll be talking about how to begin.
So, let’s begin!
Do you know how they say that direction is better than speed? Yup. They didn’t lie.
A lot of times newbie techies jump into the tech industry with no game plan. All everyone knows is that they want to make money, live a soft life and sing ‘Japa’ from the abroad someday. So, they enter the industry and try to learn any and everything. 
This can easily cause you to burn out quickly, get discouraged or even confused. Being diverse is a good thing, but having a niche is better or at the very least know what you’re doing is best. The most important thing in starting your tech journey is actually getting a sense of direction, but if you do not have this yet, you’ll figure it out along the way. 
Many people think the only way to do that is by coding. Omo, there’s a whole lot more to cashing out from the tech industry than coding. In fact, you don’t have to be a techie to work in the tech industry.
There’s design, product management, legal, content marketing, technical writing, people management, program management, customer support, HR, DevOps, venture capital, business analyst etc. 
The possibilities are just endless!
The next thing after checking where your interests lie is to determine how you’ll start learning. What resources are available to you? How do you learn? Texts/Books? Physical training? Videos?
Do you have money to get trained by organisations like Decagon, SemiColon? Or if you’re an aspiring Frontend developer, do you want to learn with e-books and courses? If you don’t have money for that. How about free online classes and courses?
Joining tech communities like Consonance Club or SheCodeAfrica is another great way for a tech beginner to find their way. You get to meet awesome people and ask questions from other beginners and middle-level devs. You don’t know which embryoed tech giant you’d meet in tech communities. Just saying. These are all essential steps before seeking mentorship or applying for internships.
We hope you find the resources we shared helpful.
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Stay on top of your game, champ!
Sending you ❤️➕🔅
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Consonance Club Newsletter
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