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Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
IWD has come and gone……..

Hi guys! How are you doing? I’ve missed you guys small 😜
Anyway, happy belated International Women’s Day to all the women in the world. 
I’m saying this to all kinds of women: the short ones amongst us, the ones famed for their kindness: our Igbo sistas, women with foreheads, tall women, slim women, women that exude wickedness, the ones that dole out breakfast on a regular (thank you for feeding the nation, by the way 😉), women in all shapes, sizes, and colors. 
Mo ki yin, eyin eyan mi 🥂
The Thing About IWD.....
So, every year the entire world celebrates International Women’s Day on the 8th of March.
We thank the stars because this is the only female celebrated day that we all agree to one date.
The other ones are just problematic. For example, we probably have about 54 Mother’s Day every year.
So, the thing about IWD is that different women experience the day differently.
If you work at a startup that appreciates women, you might probably get a gift or something. If you work at the other startups, work fit kee you on IWD.
If you have man or woman or toasters that have money, you could get gifts and probably go out for dinner.
If you’re the career-oriented one, you probably have 4 events, 2 Twitter Spaces, and 1 Instagram live to join on the day. 
Some people chop breakfast on IWD, some just watch Love Is Blind after a long day.
But there’s one experience that is the same for everybody.
The IWD Campaigns
They’re the one thing that never disappoints. Your boyfriend might forget that it’s IWD o, but Nigerian brands will never forget to cook.
So, today, I’ll be highlighting some of these campaigns.
Warning: You might slip in a few ‘awwns’ and some ‘it has to be weeeeeeed"
Johnnie Walker
This is probably my favorite IWD campaign so far.
The Walker family gathered women that are quite different and face a lot of bias from the Nigerian society for this campaign.
They said “You know what? We see you, we want to celebrate your difference and the biases that you face every single day and still make you look like the badasses you are”
If to say I dey drink alcohol now, I’d probably get a bottle of Johnnie’s just to appreciate them. Their reward is in heaven I guess.
Johnnie Walker on Twitter: "Celebrating the Women who dare to Keep Walking… Happy International Women’s Day! #BreakTheBias #NoLabels #KeepWalkingNG #IWD2022 @OfficialNiniola @theofficialmaka @daalaoruwari…"
So, what did I particularly love about Piggyvest’s campaign? They celebrated the demographic of women who are often left out in conversations on IWD.
They are as much women as female professionals.
Guinness Nigeria
First of all, Guinness is actually hard to spell. I’m just finding out it has a double ‘n’ and double ‘s’.
So, they tried with this ad.
There was the nice product placement as well as the diversity of women.
Guinness Nigeria Plc on Twitter: "In line with the global theme for this year’s International Women’s Day #BreakTheBias , Guinness has announced an entire month’s celebration of the creativity, boldness and talent in Nigerian women across the globe ensuring the Women Shine Brightest.…"
I just want to say that the line:
We are the sound of thunder enveloped by lightning” reminds me of that Yvonne Orji’s line when she said:
“ I am Nigerian, I am the swelling of the puffpuff, the oil of the akara and the deliciousness of ogbono” 😭
I found the image sef. Hold on.
Fidelity Bank
These guys asides doing a huge event did a copy and I loveet!
Fidelity Bank
We’re all responsible for our thoughts and actions. Today, as we mark #InternationalWomensDay2022, let’s lend our voices to the #movement. Let’s #BreakTheBias

Happy International Women’s Day.
Sterling Bank
So, if I existed as a bank, I’d be Sterling because they are apparently ment. I can’t even deal. 😂
They did not even do a design! they were like “Gba jen sinmi. E ni pa mi’😂
Wema Bank aka Agba Cook
Wema Bank rarely disappoints.
Something interesting has to come out in their IWD campaign. Always.
The interesting thing this year was to highlight the most important socio-economic bias women face: “Not paying for dinner” 💀
They show how women break this bias by paying for the dinner with the man’s ATM card. 🌚
Shoutout to Emeka Ibrahim Adekunle. Correct guy!
Alat aka Aburo Cook
Alat actually did great yonno.
They were all about inclusion and diversity in their campaign. 🌚
Their statement was simple:
“Bambiala is not just a female thing, it’s also a male thing. At the end of the day, we are all bamabiala.” 🤧
ALAT By Wema on Twitter: "Happy International Women’s Day ☺️ #IWD2022 #InternationalWomensDay #BreakTheBias… "
One Toothpaste
So, I honestly don’t have an opinion about this. I was first like kileleyi, but then I’m like ‘Hmmm. I see something"
Anyway, One’s campaign was worth the mention.
Noah's Ark
My first thought about this was ‘Nibo latun jasi bayii" 😂 , but that’s it. It wasn’t a bad campaign.
Noah's Ark Ad Agency on Twitter: "Her work should be the measurement of her success, not her gender. Together, we can break the bias.                                                                                                                                          #BreakTheBias #IWD2022…"
There were a lot of campaigns this IWD. Some really nice, some cringeworthy.
Some brands had events and some gave gifts for the women in their workplace
Some played it very safe. After writing “Happy International Women’s Day” and slapping their logo on the background, o tan niyen.
Like many marketers will say, IWD is a very special day and if you don’t wanna cook, just play it safe.
Wish the women well and keep it moving.
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