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Heartbreak Anniversary.- Issue #9

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
Tech bros chop breakfast too.

How are you?
Welcome back. 
Yonno for the past 2 weeks, we’ve been talking about frontend development. Backend guys are jealous and I even need us to take a break from serious talk. 
Let’s talk about something fun. Something like🤔… heartbreaks!
People often say ‘tech bros are hoes’, ‘if she’s a tech sis, focus on yourself’ etc, but in reality, techies are humans too & for what it’s worth, this breakfast usually does go round.
So, I sat down to talk to 3 techies who graciously told me about their heartbreak experiences & how they had to maintain beauty while chopping heartache.
But there’s a way we’re going to do this.
Close your eyes. For real😒. Close your eyes. Now imagine that you and other subscribers to the newsletter are attending an event. Done? Great. Let’s start.
*MC walks to the stage.
MC: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Heartbreak edition of our Consonance Club event. To kick start things, let’s call on Samuel to lead us in the theme song. 
Samuel: Ladies and gentlemen of the tech industry, I believe we all have our pamphlets? Please turn to page 2021, hymn 009. Heartbreak Anniversary written by Giveon. On the count of 1, 2, 3…..Go!
‘Balloons are deflated,
I guess they look lifeless like me,
We miss you on your side of the bed……’
MC: (after the hymn has been sung) Please let us now welcome Precious of Consonance on stage, as she interviews our 1st guest. (Applause.)
Precious: Welcome to the show Tayo. Please share your story with us. 
Tayo: My girlfriend broke up with me sometime in April last year. Over the phone.
P: Ah. Over the phone😭?
Tayo: In her defence, we had not seen each other in a while, so we mostly communicate on the phone. 
P: Oh okay. What caused the breakup?
Tayo: Well, it really can’t be attributed to one thing. But I remember she complained I wasn’t always calling or showing care like I used to before. 
P: Eeyah. 
Tayo: You know, I think we both knew it was going to happen at some point, because I’d tried to break up earlier but we tried to patch things up.
P: Well, that obviously didn’t work out. How did you take it?
Tayo: Guyy. I was sad o, but I felt it was a necessary sacrifice. I was going through a rough patch at the time and needed time to clear my head. 
I usually don’t show emotions but alaye, I cried. 
P: Hard guy in the mud.
Tayo: 😂My sister! Anyway, I stumbled on a heartbreak thread on Twitter where people shared movies and songs that made them cry. I wanted to let out all my emotions, so I dug in.
I watched Miracle in Cell No 7. Mo de sun yati.
P: To our non-yoruba speaking friends, that means he cried like crazy.
P: How did you balance work & heartbreak?
Tayo: Plot twist. I got fired
P: Whuttttttttttttttt?
Tayo: It wasn’t because of the heartbreak though. It was the pandemic. The timing was just coincidental. I was fired a few days after the breakup. 
P: So, how did you get over it?
Tayo: One way I deal with disappointment is to focus all of my energy on working or building something.
3 months after the breakup, I left Lagos to a place that had 24/7 electricity, abundant food and I had cash. I started life all over again.
No job, no boo. Just me and my aspire to perspire. 
P: Maddeaux.
Tayo: I worked on my CV, built a product and tried to launch a startup from it.
P: Enajiiiiiiii🚀
Tayo: Anyway, immersing myself in work helped me realize I wasn’t thinking about her that much again. I used the momentum to land a job in a top multinational fintech company.
P: Oshey.🙌Thank you for sharing. 
MC: Right about now, we’ll go on a commercial break. When we come back, we’ll have our next interview session.
Commercial Break
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Habeeb walks across the stage.
P: Welcome on stage Habeeb. Tell me your story. 
Habeeb: Precious, I left my apartment open and went to work. I came back before I realized. 
P: Mad o😂.
Habeeb. See ehn, React Use Effect began to look like her name.
P: You donminit.🤧
Habeeb: 😂My work playlist had some of ‘our’ songs. You can imagine me zoning out every 30 minutes.
Eventually sha, it got easier. I went out more, met different people and I started to forget about her.
My work mojo came back bigger and better. I did some of my best work after the breakup. 
P: Wawu. What caused the breakup though? 
Habeeb: I’m Muslim and she’s a Christian and we were getting serious. I think it just got to a point where we knew we had to face the issue, so I understood. It was hard though. 
P: 🤧Thank you for sharing your story with us.
MC: Alright. We’ll soon have our last interview, but we’ll have the band play Waje’s ‘I Wish I Didn’t Have A Heart” first.
Vicky enters the stage.
P: Welcome to the show. Please, share your story.
Vicky: I was working as an intern in a startup in Lagos. What happened was that the guy japa-ed.
P: Japa-ed keh? To where?🤯
Vicky: He & his entire family moved abroad.
P: Wa to the wu.🤯
Vicky: December came & I was missing him.  Long distance really sucks. There’s nothing like love from Lagos to London. 🤧
P: Preach sis!😶
Vicky: So, on the 25th, I called him and I was like Merry Christmas babe blablabla…
He now said we need to face the fact that he was not coming back to Nigeria and I wasn’t going over there anytime soon. So, we decided to break up.
P: Wait. You people broke up on Jesus baiday? Jesus baidayyyyy????😤
Vicky: 😂Yes, o.
Anyway, work started the next week, as per January things. I remember one Tuesday, while at work, he sent me a message and no jokes, I ran to the bathroom and I was crying for like 15 minutes.
P: Aww. How did this affect work?
Vicky: I was sad but you know as a Lagos babe, I need my money😂. I could not afford to lose the job. So, I stayed focused at work and let out my emotions every day after 5 pm. It was shitty sha. Everybody was having fun, doing carol and house parties. Me, I was there missing someone that eventually broke up with me.
Anyway sha. Netflix was my savior in that dark time. It took a while but we thank God for life.
The CC event ends with tech bros and sis exchanging contacts and pleasantries. There’s a spirit of comradeship in the air. It was a union of heartbreakers and the heartbroken sharing small talk. The sharers and receivers of emotional breakfast bonding after a successful event.
(Curtains fall)
Alright, open your eyes now. Thank you for reading this newsletter today. See you next week!👻 
PS: Names were changed for anonymity. 
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Stay productive!
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