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Hello there!
Festoffost, let me start with an apology. If you don’t believe in God, e ma binu. I don put that topic sha, you no go vex.  Now, that we have that out of the way, can we hear a round of applause for the designers amongst us? 👏
So, in the next newsletters, we’ll be turning our attention to designers and entering their world for a bit.
We’ll be starting this conversation with a brief look into the different kinds of graphic design. 
There are chances that you know that the mothers’ cooking pot of designers is a pretty big one, but let’s discuss it briefly for those that don’t.  
Product Design
Product design is that aspect of design that deals with creating products that solve the problems of users. 
Basically, product designers take information from product managers and use this information in creating & designing products and to be honest, product design is broaddddd.
Product design covers : 
  • Experience Design/Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • User Experience Design (UX) etc.
Let’s quickly voyage into the world of UI/UX Design.
UI/UX basically means User Interface and User Experience. 
You will ask designers about the difference between these two and they will start speaking big, big English😒, but at the very least sha, UI is more concerned with aesthetics, UX is concerned with functionality.
A UI designer uses images, colours, visual design elements, fonts to aid people’s attraction/interaction to a product, website or app. That’s when people say stuff like 
“This site is such a cutie.”
UX design on the other cares more about functionality. Where buttons are placed, their size, how easy it is for users to navigate a website, app or use a product, amongst other things.
While UI might be more streamlined to tech, UX is actually a pretty broad phenomenon that goes into regular everyday things.
 Do you know how ice cream bowls were designed to only contain ice cream, but Nigerian mummies always use it to store egusi? Na UX be that.
 Same with women’s clothes. Ashewo gowns are lovely in pictures but just wear it and you’ll discover that you can’t really walk well because Jerusalem is a city on a hill for the entire world to see💀💀
Ashewo shorts are wonderful stuff, skin highlighting and leg displaying, but wear them on the streets of Nigeria and watch mosquitoes finish your life.🌚
Last but not least, owanbe gowns that our mommies own. Have you ever had to iron those problematic things? Exactly. 
I think you get the picture now? Let’s move on.
Motion Design
Let me start with the most cliché point: motion design is basically design that is not static. 
Motion design is that design speciality that adds visual effects, movement, animation and some filmmaking characteristics to graphics design elements. 
It could come as animating texts, logos, shapes, illustrations or characters in a design. 
Motion design can go into making the user experience better for users since many ideas are better communicated visually.
Na motion design dey responsible for animated infographics, text animations and those animated characters you see on websites or when you open your app.
Brand Identity Design
This is personally one of my favourite branches of design. I daresay, most people’s introduction to design as a field in tech, was most likely through brand identity design.
Brand identity designers are the ones responsible for creating & communicating the identity of a brand. 
They are the ones that create logos, choose the brand font, colour, web design guidelines, product packaging, business cards, email design etc.
It’s brand identity designers that set out the tone for a brand. They set the precedent for all the other designers that will work with a brand in the future.
Presentation Design
This one is the aspect of design that involves designing templates, layout etc.
Presentation designers are the guys that create pitch desks, slideshows, product demos, basically everything about the presentation that will need to be designed.
Not gonna lie, I actually like the thought of someone centring their work in a niche like this.
 PS: This is not advice o, make sapa no catch you. The nice idea might be different from reality abeg.
But really, imagine being that person that everyone goes to when they need to create a pitch deck? Sounds pretty solid.
I need to add that there’s a lot that goes into presentation design like condensing information, design, infographics, brand alignment, content structuring etc.
3D Design
Do you know how people say I’m watching you in 3D? Exactly! 
3D design is that extra realistic, extra cool, new kid, on the block of designers. 
3D design is often used in car commercials, furniture design demos etc. Basically, anything that communicates a bit of realism for what is often a physical product.
 It’s a relatively new field though.
Art and Illustration Design
Yass👻! I think this is one aspect of design that really emphasizes the need to specialize. 
Imagine you’re a musician and you’re giving the responsibility of making your album art to someone whose speciality is designing flyers, handbills etc😭😭. E no go gel.
It’s however not just about cover art for albums, art and illustration design also covers movie posters, conceptual art, digital painting, textile design, comic books etc.
 It’s one of the most creative aspects of design that often has to do with the artist’s expression and not necessarily some brand alignment or other stuff like that.
Product Packaging Design
I’m interested in talking about this one because one brand instantly comes to mind whenever I think about packaging design.
The brand that shalt not be named, is an energy drink and the product packaging makes it look like the container of brake oil😭😭
Packaging designers create designs suited to go on products, communicate product content, attract users, as well as maintaining brand identity.
Publication Design
This is a design that caters largely to print forms. 
Books, magazines, brochures, newspapers etc. 
Publication designers have to navigate around a lot of text and use research to find how to keep people engaged on pages and how to even attract them to read in the first place. 
They’re mostly concerned about layouts, fonts, images etc.
And that’s it for today folks! See you next week🥳🥳 
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Love and light,
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