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Flowers, I Have None.

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter
Chocolates I have none..but what I do have…..

Hello there!
What I do have for you my dear Consonancer is this newsletter for your singular self. 
If you’re in a relationship, doxology. I thank God for your life. 
As far as this newsletter is concerned you are single. Abi are you cheating on me with another newsletter ni? 😠 No? Good. 😌 Let’s proceed.
Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I want to congratulate you on making it out alive. We are out of the trenches. 👏
Valentine is officially over and the worst is behind us.
Reports from the field say that there were some casualties containing single people who died under the avalanche of tensioning, buffering, huffing, and puffing that happened on the 14th.
How Was Valentine?
Before we go into the main newsletter today, tell me, how was Valentine’s Day for you? What did you do? 
Mine was fine sha. Thanks for asking.
I mean, I went to Mummy Ayo’s place to buy her special jollof rice with two meat, listened to the Valentine playlist that I curated, got one of my favorite chocolate drinks. Na Viju Choco I dey talk o. 😂
Then for dinner, I had chicken and chips. Basically, a Queen and more spoiling herself. 😎
It would have been perfect if I got my sick leave sha but Nigerian Tech CEOs are not necessarily nice people. 😤
Anyway, let’s move on from all of that. 
Today’s newsletter is sweeting my belle. I’ve been doing my research and planning this for over a month now. 
10 Power Couples In Tech
Since Valentine’s Day was just 2 days ago, you’re single and my singular job today is to tension you in any way I can possibly imagine, I have compiled a list of 10 power couples in tech exclusively to tension you!
Don’t you just love me?😇
1. Babs Ogundeyi and Honey Ogundeyi
Now, this is what I’m talking about! 
Babs is the co-founder & CEO of Kuda Bank. if you don’t know Kuda, you’re probably living under a rock at this point because their ads e choke!
Babs was also a co-founder of a startup called Kudimoney, has worked at PWC, and was once a Special Adviser on finance to the Oyo State Government. 
Honey’s profile is impressive. She has worked at Google, McKinsey and Company, Ericsson. She’s the founder of Fashpa: a fashion line startup and in recent times, her new startup Edukoya raised 3.5 million US dollars in preseed funding.
DJ, please play me Olamide’s “Omo, Omo, Omo” 🥺
2. Affiong Williams and Tayo Oviosu.
Affiong is the founder of Reel Fruits, a startup that just closed 3 million US dollarzzzzz in Series A funding.  Somebody say Siu. Somebody say Sinzuuu. 😭
Tayo is the founder and CEO of Paga and Kairos Angel. Paga is probably one of the oldest startups I know. 
3. Jason Njoku and Mary Remmy Njoku
Jason is the co-founder of ROK studios and Iroko TV Partners Limited. 
You probably know Mary Remmy from some of Nollywood’s biggest movies. She’s an actor, movie producer and also founded ROK Studios. You might have seen her in Husbands of Lagos, Blackberry Babes, Desperate House Girls etc.
4. Ope Awoyemi and Lara Awoyemi
Ope is the co-founder of Jobberman, Kobolet, Whogohost.
Omolara is a founding executive at Bumpa and has worked at Facebook, Jumia, and Iroko Partners.
5. Abasi Ene-Obong and Ini Dima-Okojie
These guys are probably my favorite mix because common nau! are you God’s favorite or something? 
Abasi is a medical doctor and the founder of 54 Gene. 
Ini Dima-Okojiie is an investment banker and actor. You might know her for many of her roles in Nollywood such as Skinny Girl in Transit, Royal Hibiscus Hotel, Smart Money Woman, and most especially Namaste Wahala.
Omo couples like this are the reason African parents can never take it easy on the rest of us. 
Then, imagine that your parents share being a doctor, investment banker, tech founder, and actor just between themselves? Dang. 
Zero pressure on the kids mehn.😭
Thinking about it, I’m not too surprised. Ini is daughter to a medical doctor dad and a retired banker mum.
The fruit doesn’t really fall far from the tree abi how do they say it?
6. Mark Essien and Jenni Naiaretti
Mark is the founder of and co-founder of the famous HNG Internship. 
Jenni is a software engineer and the lead developer at GeneO.
7. Seun Onigbinde and Seun Agbelusi
Seun Onigbinde is the founder of BudgIt, advisor for ONE Afriica, and has worked at First Bank
Seun Agbelusi is the founder of Thread & Pulse and has worked at Anakle.
I hope you noticed something fundamental here. Try dey find your namesake to marry. No hope for you if your name is something like Peculiar sha. Sorry, but I don’t make the rules. 😪
8. Babjide Duroshola & Seun Babajide-Duroshola
Babajide is the General Manager at MKopa and has worked at Safeboda, Andela & Access Bank.
Seun currently works as Multi-National Corporation Project Manager at Microsoft and has worked as X3M Ideas and Asda.
9. Tomiwa Aladekomo & Lisa-Leigh Aladekomo
Tomiwa is the CEO of Big Cabal media which is the parent company for Tech Cabal & Zikoko. He has worked at This Day Media Group, Atlantic Records, Nigerian Breweries.
Lisa-Leigh is currently the CFO at Iman Africa Energy Group. She has worked at MainOne, BBC.
10. Precious and The People of Consonance
Awa overaww best in newsletter relationship. Power couple in tech pro max. 
I mean common, I’m a badass writer bringing you tech gist and resources. You on the other hand belong to the Consonance community made up of some of the most brilliant techies in the Nigerian tech industry.
People from here have gone on to be startup founders, top professionals in the industry, working at top foreign and local startups. This our relationship is a breeding ground for a huge chunk of the future of the tech ecosystem. Are we now small in the atmosphere ni? 🤌
Anyway, my aim here was to tension you. To make you look at these couples and be like God when 🥲🥲
With these 10 points of mine, I hope you have been adequately tensioned.
Events and Opportunities.
Yours In High Tensioned Wire,
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