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Dorime, In Tere, In Tere, Aminu. - Issue #12

Consonance Club Newsletter
Consonance Club Newsletter

See, stop laughing. First off, finding a good topic is not easy. Number 2, I can’t spell that thing but you get the drift. Number 3, this is the last part in the series about backend development. We’re doing the dorime to usher them (temporarily) out of the newsletter. Thanks for your cooperation.😌
Anyway, before we get into serious talk, how are you doing? How’s body, how’s family? How did you celebrate Father’s Day? Shey sapa never reach your side?  Always stay guiding o. Sapa is doing let’s-go-a-fishing bro. Sora fun sapa. Oluwa a wa pelu e.
Anyway, let’s move on from all that.
Last week, we talked about the different backend languages. We’re going to be talking about some backend frameworks this week and then we bid any talk about backend developers farewell till we meet again. 
So, I’m starting off with Django!
Now, two things make Django great in my opinion.
  1. I’m not a Quentin Tarantino fan (I prefer Christopher Nolan’s movies) however, one of his movies that I can easily agree was really good is Django Unchained. You can’t share a name with such an iconic movie and not be a great backend framework.
  2. Django is a backend framework based on one of the best programming languages: Python and obviously snake no dey wear raincoat, so Django gotta be good.
So, what’s the deal with Django? Well, Django reduces the amount of code you need to write, it’s pretty fast and it has an awesome admin interface. It’s beginner-friendly and it probably has some of the best features like sitemaps, user authentication and other stuff like that. Django is great for computing platforms, social networking apps etc. It’s opensource, has a wide library, and it has pretty great security.
Django is a pretty comprehensive framework, so devs using Django don’t need external plugins for it. Plus it works with a Model-View-Template and it’s great for large projects.
Django follows the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) pattern. Pythons don’t waste time my dear.
Brands that use Django: National Geographic, Instagram, Coursera, Pinterest 
Well, when you see a Yoruba woman’s name as a part of a framework, you should know that things are about to get pretty interesting. Special bonus, you know how they say some Yoruba people have H factor? Laravel is a PHP framework. Think about eet! I just have too much sense. My God!😭
So, Laravel is open source, has a source code on GitHub and it gives devs different ways of accessing databases complete with application maintenance and how to deploy utilities. 
The cool thing about Laravel is that it enables easy configuration and its API is actually simple.
The templates on Laravel are pretty lightweight and it has widgets with CSS and JS code.
Aunty Lara offers a wide range of drivers and she supports many cache backends. She also has a really nice syntax and can accommodate large teams. 
Another thing I need to mention is that she comes with a command-line interface and provides great security details for web applications with hashed password modalities and stuff like that. Bad bishes don’t play plis. 
Brands that use Laravel: MyRank, Deltanet.
Ruby on Rails is obviously Ruby-the-language junior and works in a Model View Controller mode. Ruby saves time with a huge number of readymade modules and plugins. 
She’s free, opensource, scalable across platforms and she drastically reduces the possible number of bugs in your code.  
The cool thing about her is that she’s perfect for small projects and you can add features to Ruby without developing them from scratch. 
Ruby, as the fine woman that she is, has a pretty big community support base with a lot of helpful materials and resources on how to use her.
PS: Ruby runs on Convention over Configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself patterns.
Brands that use RoR: Shopify, GitHub, Basecamp.
This one weirdly reminded me of AM Express. I’ve not watched that thing in years mehn🤧. Anyway, Express JS is a Node.js framework. All of them are children of JavaScript.
It’s open-source, has an MIT license, quite minimalist in nature and it’s quite easy for beginners to adapt to. 
Just like how JavaScript serves both frontend and backend, Express JS is also used by frontend devs. If you think ‘full-stack developer’ is flashing torchlight on your future, you might want to check Express JS out.
Express JS implements code faster, has a great debugging system and allows for easy routing. Another thing about Express is that it’s probably one of the best frameworks for creating a really robust API with many HTTP utility methods and whatnot. It’s also compatible with other frameworks like Loopback and Sails.
Brands that use Express JS: Uber, Accenture etc.
Well, I think the techies that use this one are the same tech bros that use Irish Spring all their life🌚. Don’t feel attacked, I’m just speaking facts.🙂
Anyway, Spring Boot is a Java baby and some people swear that it’s actually easy to learn (I don’t know about that one sha)
Spring Boot exists so that large applications can walk. It’s highly scalable and there’s like a plethora of third party libraries to kick you off on Spring. Spring Boot also has massive community support.
Brands that use Spring Boot: Intuit, Trivago, Wix.
ASAP Rocky sorry, ASP .NET is a modular framework that works great across many platforms. It basically uses the same C# across all platforms.
The perks of ASP. NET aside from loving Rihanna is pretty simple: it requires less code, which requires less time and also leads to a lower possibility of bugs.
It also has a really cool authentication system and editor extensions for completing code and highlighting syntax.
Plus, it’s easier to maintain ASP and it is high performance.
One great feature of ASP.NET is that it allows APIs, languages and runtime components exist on the same server.
 It’s also pretty flexible.
Brands that use ASP.NET: Microsoft, GoDaddy. 
So, I’m actually going to ignore the name of this one and just go into its merits, because I don’t know what the creators of Cake were sniffing to name it that. 
Maybe their marketing strategy to get developers to use it is that ‘learning this PHP framework is like a piece of cake?’ Shior.
Cake is an OG PHP framework sha. She’s been around for a while and she functions on a Model View Controller basis, great for both big and small applications and allows devs to build very fast.
Setting up Cake is pretty easy and it comes with batteries included. Lorokan, that means that everything a developer needs to use Django is included outside the box.
 One ridiculous thing is that you’d think, oh it’s named cake, boya the security would be terrible (I mean there was one time someone stole her friend’s birthday cake on Twitter na), but the Cake’s security is pretty solid.
Brands that use Cake PHP: Mapme, Followmy TV.
..and that’s a wrap!
Remember that in choosing the frameworks to test or use, remember these criteria:
  • Community Support
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • How easy it is for you to learn.
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