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Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean - Issue #23

Hey, no judgment, if you can’t swim. Here’s a disclaimer: I’ve not swum in 10 years.No, I didn’t almost drown and I'm not traumatised by anything. I’ve just not swum in almost a decade. End ofAnyway, if you can't tell by the title, we will not be discussing a…


What’s In A Surname? - Issue #22

Hey. How are you? Did you miss me last week?I was on a 6 months anniversary break, but I'm back now baby! 👻I wonder if the topic of this newsletter puzzled you or left you intrigued?But think about it though. What’s in a surname? Prestige? Fame? Money? Legacy…


Precious From Consonance Says Hi. - Issue #21

Hey, how are you doing? Has it been raining on your side?Omo, rain beat shege and bastid on me the other day o. 😭We thank the universe for small mercies like duvets and ogbono soup with amala.🥺Anyway, today we're rounding up on no code tools, but I need to sa…


Laburu Is Coming! - Issue #20

Hey. What’s up? I hope you’re good because I’ve missed you🤧.Just in case you didn’t know, King of Boys 2 is gonna be out before the end of the week! 🤺And speaking of KOB, what happened on Tuesday with the freezing of the accounts of some FINTECHs, is quite si…


The Business of Design - Issue #19

Hi. What's up with you? I have to check on my day ones now because I've been hearing many people saying that they have malaria.Malaria wey you no fit taste or smell, e fit don pass malaria o.💀Chinua Achebe once said "When an handshake extends beyond the elbow…


Why you Dey Disguise - Issue #18

Hello there!What’s up na? Shey you’re good?Last week we talked about the different kinds of graphics design but this week, I’m choosing violenzzz. 😌Yesss! Because I’m going to do some design discrimination and inequality today by only talking about one type o…


God Is a Designer - Issue #17

Hello there!Festoffost, let me start with an apology. If you don’t believe in God, e ma binu. I don put that topic sha, you no go vex. Now, that we have that out of the way, can we hear a round of applause for the designers amongst us? 👏So, in the next newsle…


Between Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson: Devs vs. Designers. - Issue #16

Hi there!How are you doing? Happy Eid el Mubarak to all Muslim Consonance members! So, the sun is up and the ram-a-dan, comman gimme meat. Tenks.I know some of you are already saying "corny joke, it’s not even Ramadan." Na una sabi.🙄 I sha want to eat meat. S…


Intensions, Tensions and Intentional Men. - Issue #15

Hi there!What’s up? How are you doing? Gege! I’m literally dancing on my chair as I’m writing this. I’m excited!I was supposed to write something else but this topic came to mind in the middle of the night. Then, as I began to process the mischief my writing …


Looking for Frank Sinatra in Obalende - Issue #14

Hi. What’s up?Just imagine that I’m writing this from a crusty room in Obalende. I’m looking at my laptop screen and wondering for the 50th time, why we’re not doing another newsletter on something other than developers yet. Like an interview about crazy work…


O Payan, O Pefon, Otapiapia! - Issue #13

If you're not Yoruba, I really apologize for the title of this newsletter..but there's a routine to my craziness and you'll understand me pretty soon.Today, the disco light is shining on full-stack developers, and for good reason. We've been talking about fro…


Dorime, In Tere, In Tere, Aminu. - Issue #12

HelloSee, stop laughing. First off, finding a good topic is not easy. Number 2, I can’t spell that thing but you get the drift. Number 3, this is the last part in the series about backend development. We’re doing the dorime to usher them (temporarily) out of …


Backend Developers Might Just Save Nigeria. - Issue #11



Wish Bob Marley Was Alive - Issue #10

Did you miss me? I missed you too!Welcome to the new week. You know Bob Marley yeah? Well, if you don’t, we need to question your taste in music and maybe your life decisions too😒Such ignorance.Anyway, asides from ‘No Woman No Cry’ (which most Nigerians seem …


Heartbreak Anniversary.- Issue #9

How are you?Welcome back. Yonno for the past 2 weeks, we’ve been talking about frontend development. Backend guys are jealous and I even need us to take a break from serious talk. Let’s talk about something fun. Something like🤔... heartbreaks!People often say…


Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps - Issue #8

Hi,Last week, Fireboy DML was making headlines. How? Well, he didn't release a new song, but he single-handedly predicted a mood board for crypto enthusiasts last week, with his album titles. They went from laughter to tears and goosebumps because the market …


Omo, they said React is a useless library o - Issue #7

HiDo you know how they say the universe will connive to make things work for you? Well, that happened to our newsletter. So, the team had scheduled writing about beginner friendly frontend tools for devs because that’s one FAQ that never stops popping up. App…


Abeg, cut soap. - Issue #6

Put a finger down if you’ve ever gone to an event and run after a speaker to take a selfie or have a conversation just to network?Put a finger down if you’ve ever been that person that was bewildered when people rally around a speaker like a swarm of bees, ev…


We Quit. - Issue #5

Way ahead of our upcoming newsletter on workplace politics, happenings in Basecamp brought a slice of the discussion right to our doorstep, so we are delving right into it.Last week, Twitter witnessed a number of Basecamp employees announce their resignation …


Wahala be like iPhone 12 Pro! - Issue #4

We know you know about the issue that happened on Twitter concerning the MacBooks we shared in collaboration with Enyata. If you didn’t know about the issue, we'll tell you by starting from the very beginning.Enyata, in collaboration with Consonance Club, sta…